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‘Science! The Elements of Dark Energy’ – Advance Graphic Novel Review

The Science! The Elements of Dark Energy graphic novel combines elements of science fact with science fiction in an attempt to base its story in real physics for your readers. In the process, it delivers a fun and interesting sci-fi adventure story.

The Prometheus Institute teaches the most brilliant high school students in the world. And every year, those students push the limits of scientific achievement in the hopes of winning the coveted Prometheus Institute Award for Superior Science.

The contenders for the award this year include Tasmin Takroo and Garyn Merik—both of whom are hiding deep, dark secrets. For Garyn, it’s an abandoned laboratory she’s discovered on campus, full of state-of-the-art, untested, potentially dangerous equipment. For Tasmin, it’s the knowledge that Prometheus’ headmaster murdered her father years ago. When the two begin working together, it becomes evident that their two secrets may be connected, as they struggle to unlock the potentially world-changing power of dark energy.

The Prometheus Institute is also home to a group of robotic lab assistants called S.T.A.T.s (Scientific and Technological Assistant Teachers). For anyone who remembers Screech’s robot Kevin on Saved by the Bell, they look (and act) a lot like that. One such robot, S.T.A.T. 61, is with us throughout our journey to explain some of the advanced science concepts that the story dabbles in. There are a lot of fascinating things to be learned here, from the possibility of faster-than-light travel to the science of telepathy.

Even so, the story does make some pretty big leaps as it transitions from actual science to science fiction. Its ideas about dark energy and what it can do may be more science fiction that fact, but the intent is likely focused on engaging young minds which is admirable.

All in all, Science! does manage to be pretty entertaining. For teens who are interested in science and what it can do, this comic may well inspire them to pursue certain concepts further. For other readers, it’s a fun time with some cool sci-fi. If that’s what you’re looking for, then Science! The Elements of Dark Energy will definitely deliver.

Creative Team: Ashley V. Robinson and Jason Inman (writers), Desiree’ Pittman and Becka Kinzie (art), Taylor Esposito (lettering), and S.M. Beiko (editing)
Publisher: Bedside Press
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Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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