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‘Ghost Tree:’ Trade Paperback Review

Exploring the eerie forests in Japan, this ethereal, four-issue series is collected into a trade paperback with great depth of self.

The series follows Brandt whose return to his ancestral home of Japan uncovers a haunted tree that is surrounded by the lost souls of his friends and family. In this investigation, he makes an attempt to mend some of these wounds, but, more importantly, he ventures into self-exploration within the confines of his history. The series captures the notion that every ghost story is a love story. Weaving throughout this narrative is this thought of embracing our past and striving to grapple with the wrongs and misconceptions we all have faced. At its heart Ghost Tree is about the change we make for those we love. The series is utterly heart rendering in capturing the ways our history informs our love for ourselves and others – that our ghosts manifest themselves into our love lives. These emotions haunt us, achingly true, even after we’ve moved past them.

Writer Bobby Curnow magnificently channels the stress and shift for a character who is constantly challeneged by his world. In many ways, he captures the fluidity of someone who has come to face to face with his ghosts and attempted to atone for his sins. This is manifested through the artwork of Simon Gane. His line work captures the feel of old Japanese paintings and blends it with a styled, fairy tale etching for the story. Especially profound was the work of the coloring team, Ian Herring and Becka Kinzie, whose stark use of greens and browns contrasted with the reds and oranges to make a fantastic sun and moon contrast. This art team allows for history to linger on every panel.

Genuinely, Ghost Tree is a great series for anyone who has faced hardship, as well as heartbreak.

Creative Team: Writer: Bobby Curnow, Artist: Simon Gane, Colorists: Ian Herring and Becka Kinzie, Letterer: Chris Mowry, Consultant: Takuma Okada
Publisher:  IDW Publishing
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Arbaz Mohammad Khan, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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