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‘Trees: Three Fates #4’ – Advance Comic Book Review

In Trees: Three Fates, readers follow a police sergeant in Toska, a remote Russian village where a dead body was was found nearby a tree that arrived eleven years prior. Our protagonist, Klara Voranova, will not only grapple with the murder, but they yet-to-be-unraveled mystery of the tree where the body was found.

The original narrative of Trees follows the arrival of gigantic and silent monoliths that land on Earth and plant themselves as though they were trees, not giving way to motion and not acknowledging any sense of society or humans. Alongside this high-concept science fiction, the narrative follows socio-political problems faced by the varied characters like economic disparity, conspiracy, feminism, and identity.

Within the issue, we learn that another death has occurred, and Klara is compelled to visit the scene. In her investigation, we learn of an uncovered truth about where the loyalties of the people in Toska truly lie. This issue offers a propulsive action and gives the reader answers to some of the character mysteries previously introduced. In many ways, this series that was once a slow and steady build up hits its climax with this issue. What’s more is that the action feels earned compared to the slow pace from the prior pages.

Artist Jason Howard’s work is compelling in the way it lulls the reader into a state of dread. This, mixed with the color flats by Dee Cunniffe, forces the reader to linger on each panel. The coloring consistently stays stark and frosty. In every way, it internally emphasizes the bleakness these characters are facing within the confines of their situations. For people following this series, this issue acts as the shot in Chekhov’s gun.

Creative Team:  Writer: Warren Ellis, Artist: Jason Howard, Colorist: Dee Cunniffe, Letterer: Fonografiks
Publisher:  Image Comics
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