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‘The Red Mother #1:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Seeds of something sinister are planted in this debut issue. With The Red Mother already on its third printing prior to its release to comic book shops, the series deserves the hype.  The Red Mother is compact and, in many ways, serves to be an interesting dialogue for how people are haunted by trauma. In truth, this series acts as an empathetic allegory for their trials and tribulations. In its miniscule character moments, the series breathes proper pathos for readers to visually comprehend the emotional turmoil that haunts the protagonist.

The series is about Daisy McDonough who is on the precipice of making the next step in her relationship. But before a proper change can be embodied, it’s taken away from her by an unknown horror. This tragedy has a devastating impact on our protagonist, leaving her with one eye and the loss of her significant other in the process. The reader begins to witness Daisy’s humanity; we are allowed to see her just before the trauma, and then after the trauma. This allows us to grasp the trauma that lingers with a character that we care about rather than following a plot full of horrors. This conceit brings us a more emotional toll that haunts us after the final page of the comic book.

The art, despite its dark horror, properly pops to focus on the characters. Even at night, there is a consistent shine and brightness that gives an unsettling dread in what horror fans are used to with stark and dark contrasts. Here, the brightness of these colors act as a varnished layer that unsettles readers as the story goes on – most noticeably the inclusion of red whenever something malicious occurs. It brings the opposition of red and blue as subtle tonal and color shifts, with blue acting as a form of serenity and solitude and red being paired with both a sense of warmth but also a vague recollection of past traumas.

Creative Team: Writer: Jeremy Haun, Artist: Danny Luckert, Letterer: Ed Dukeshire  
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Arbaz Mohammad Khan, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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