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‘Spawn #303:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Following the record-breaking issue of Spawn #301, this long-running comic book series has managed to push forward with its new series arc, “Hell Hunt.” Here, the reader returns to a familiar character within the Spawn mythos, Jessica Priest. Largely known for her role in inciting Al Simmons as Spawn, she has managed to be naturally integrated into a different pursuit entirely. With her character intent on meeting Nyx, Priest finds herself further entangled in Al Simmons’ journey than previously believed. We find Spawn serving as a vigilante, attempting to free those captured by a human trafficking ring that’s controlled by demons. With his powers diminished, Spawn must survive with his old military skills and ammunition; however, he gains assistance from an unlikely ally in Jessica Priest. Having become a fellow hellspawn like Simmons, this arc finds them needing to collaborate in order to decipher the meaning of Priest’s new powers.

Truly, this issue captures the ingenuity of McFarlane’s art style without missing a beat in his run of the series. Each line is distinguished by varying shadows and lights with subtle coloring to offset the ink. Colorist Steigerwald’s work complements the fantastic art being done by Jason Shawn Alexander and Todd McFarlane while also helping to streamline the narrative.

This issue starts to thread in and lay the groundwork for McFarlane’s Spawn. Each issue acts to further cement the series’ achievement as the longest-running independent series. What’s more fascinating is that these issues offer two varied storylines: one where we focus on the plotting of the ensuing storyline and then a backstory. This provides further context for comic readers who are hoping to get themselves settled into the long haul of the Spawn mythos. Genuinely, it’s a new experience to follow a series where every issue adds into an already great legacy.

Creative Team:  Todd McFarlane (writer), Jason Shawn Alexander and Todd McFarlane (artists), Jon Goff and Todd McFarlane (plotting), Tom Orzechowski (letterer), Peter Steigerwald (colorist), Francesco Mattina (cover artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Arbaz Mohammad Khan, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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