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‘Plate Tectonics: An Illustrated Memoir’ – Hardcover Review

Margaux Motin breaks a lot of standards for an artist working in a sequential artist medium. In many ways, it makes her the perfect artist to tell her story, because the art style in every way magnifies this unique memoir. Living in and originating from Paris, France, Motin began by earning a degree in visual arts and proceeded to do a BTS in visual communications at the National School of Applied Arts and Crafts. Her initial work was as a press illustrator for Muteen Magazine in a monthly column. Following this time of illustrating for press, publishing, and advertising, she started her own blog which served to share anecdotes during her thirties.

It is here that she began her own debut as an author through 2009’s I Would Have Loved Being an Ethnologist which became a bestseller in France. Alongside this authorship, she worked for Nova and did regular illustrations for Elle France, Cosmopolitan France, and Fluide Glamour magazine. She even contributed to the covers of the French editions to Bridget Jones’ Diary. She also co-created a book with Pacco called Bad Twinz.

It is no coincidence that Motin’s sibling is acclaimed choreographer Marion Motin. Margaux’s linework is as fluid as that of a dancer. Each figure is reminiscent of a fashion illustrator but provides the fluid linework of someone who can confidently contort the human frame. In many ways, this art gives subtle mannerisms for these everyday happenings. But moreso, Motin brings true art to the performance we must all play during our lives. In every way, she moves us through the motions of love, divorce, motherhood, friendship, and maintaining yourself when everything goes unexpected. Truly, this is a piece meant to bring art to the mundane and to the desperate. It’s not just a memoir, but an instruction as to how someone can exceed without the closures we all expected in our lives. It’s a dance to something new and a chance for us all to soar.

Creative Team:  Margaux Motin (writer/artist), Edward Gauvin (Translator), AndWorldDesign (Letterer)
Publisher: Archaia / BOOM! Studios
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