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‘The Weatherman Volume 2 #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The previous issue of The Weatherman had an incredibly amazing cliffhanger, and I have to be honest that I was just a little bit disappointed with where the story went in the subsequent issue – as if a different path could have changed everything for everyone involved. But, if I’m to be honest with myself once again, LeHeup’s chosen direction makes more sense with who the characters are, and it’s a really fun issue.

I also have to be honest with myself that, from time to time, I do get a little lost with some of the subplots and side characters. I envy the people who are going to read this series in a single volume, but that doesn’t stop me from being completely invested in the characters.

In this story, a terrorist that killed almost everyone on Earth has wiped his memory and imprinted himself with the personality of a cheesy, over-the-top weather reporter. Now, a crew of mercenaries led by a kickass leader named Cross (She’s pretty incredible.) is trying to prevent further destruction.  Yet, even now in issue five, Cross runs from fear of what everyone else is running from and Nathan Bright (our goofball newscaster) ends up in some ways saving the day – and it’s all pretty fantastic.

Artist Nathan Fox excels at capturing the manic energy of the book, and so many absolutely bonkers things happen in this issue. Dave Stewart is one of the best color artists in the business. Every one of his comics looks glorious in completely different ways. He’s a genius.

There is so much fun science fiction being created right now. This series is no exception, and it’s absolutely worth taking the risk.

Creative Team: Jody LeHeup (story), Nathan Fox (artist), Dave Stewart (colors), Steve Wands (letters), Sebastian Girner (editor), Tom Muller (Designer)
Publisher: Image Comics
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