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‘Ether: The Disappearance of Violet Bell #2’ – Advance Comic Book Review

The single-minded need for Boone Dias, the hero of Ether, to satiate his curiosity through adventure reminds me of that of a child’s need to understand the world around them, even if it means touching the burner on the stove to see what happens. This character quirk has its charms, and Matt Kindt uses Boone’s intellectually charged naivety to stir laughter and a sense of joy from the reader, but like a cat spinning its body this way and that in the air to land on its feet, Kindt then uses these moments to create a bittersweet storytelling beat. These moments have come suddenly and unexpectedly throughout the series, giving weight and gravity to the tale – turning this sci-fi / fantasy adventure into more of a character study.

Boone Dias is a scientist who ventures into a fantastical world called the Ether, where time works at a different speed than on Earth. He has become a sort of Sherlock Holmes, solving fantastical mysteries with science. In a lot of cases, it’s worked out for him. In other cases, it hasn’t, and one gets the feeling that the more Dias loses, the more he’s leaning into his curious nature to hide what he’s truly going through. That is when it becomes dangerous for Boone and those around him.

In this case, one of his closest friends and lovers, Violet Bell, has gone missing, and he is setting out to find her, to mend a terrible mistake by rescuing her. Boone always has the best intentions, but not always the wisdom to anchor those intentions.

I can’t talk about this series without at least talking about David Rubin who captures magic with every panel. Whether he’s tackling a strange creature or the look of pain and loss on a character’s face, you are there with the characters every step of the way thanks to his tremendous talents.

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (writer), David Rubín (art, letters), Daniel Chabon (editor), Brett Israel (assistant editor), Mike Richardson (publisher), Anita Magaña (designer), Josie Christensen (digital art technician)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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