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‘Sea of Stars #4:’ Comic Book Review

I keep wondering if I should come back and continue to read and review Sea of Stars, because I can only do so much. After reading every issue, I’m glad that I did.

In the first issue, a father (Gil), was transporting cargo across the galaxy with his son Kaydn. They had recently lost the third member of the family: Gil’s wife and Kaydn’s mom. The trip was supposed to bring them closer together. Instead, it ripped them apart and sent them spiraling to opposite sides of the galaxy.

While Gil is constantly on the verge of dying, barely managing to stay alive at every step, Kaydn has come across some weird, magical powers that allow him to swim through space and fight off giant space monsters. They’ve both found friends; Gil has befriended a saucy A.I. that was a police bot on one of the ships he commandeered, and Kaydn has befriended two strange space creatures. These secondary characters not only further the story and allow us to naturally explore where our characters are, they are also wonderfully written comedy foils to our main characters.

In this issue, we are introduced to a third character that opens up the story even further and explains why Kaydn might be experiencing these powers. Whether this character is good or evil remains to be seen, but they are given depth and dimension almost right away.

This is a sci-fi jaunt capturing the joy of outer space. It’s not cold and austere; it’s funny and warm. It’s full of a large breadth of emotions. This is entertaining like serials used to be – John Carter of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs being a good example. When the time comes a month from now, even if I wonder if I’m going to read the fifth issue, it’s a pretty good bet that I will.

Creative Team: Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum (writers), Stephen Green (artist), Rico Renzi (colors), Jared K. Fletcher (letters and design), Will Dennis (editor)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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