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‘The Weatherman Volume 2 #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

In the last issue of The Weatherman, our space crew of hired hands led by Amanda ran into a brick wall. You see, they are transporting Nathan Bright, a celebrity weatherman, to Earth to find a scientist that can upload his original brain into his body.  His original brain was that of a terrorist who wiped out almost the entire population of Earth, and with more terrorist plots to be discovered, they need that original brain back in him. Instead of finding the scientist they wanted, they found her grave… but her work may still be out there.

Now with a possible tangible goal in mind, they set off to an unmanned, high-security base with some new friends: a scientist that can get them in and a girl with bad legs who relies on a parasitic construct of a giant polar bear to get her around. Of course, they can’t just have friends. Everywhere they go, they seem to make more and more enemies, and terrible things that are out of their control begin gaining momentum. Jody LeHeup keeps calling for more balls to juggle, and he’s handling it all very well. So much happens in every issue that they should be charging double!

No page and no panel are wasted. The story whips along revealing more about the characters, the world, and the situations with every passing moment. It’s constantly intriguing, and each moment is genuinely unexpected. One second you’re laughing at Nathan’s antics, the next you’re fearing for their lives, the next staring in horror, and the next your heart breaks. Every time you think you get a bead on where something is going, it veers suddenly while still never missing a beat.

Nathan Fox’s art captures every moment of this with absolute clarity. You never question how a character is feeling or what they’re thinking, because even when words aren’t on the page, you can see it on their faces.  

This is one of those series that if you’re not reading, then you’re missing out. It gives me nothing but joy.

Creative Team: Jody LeHeup (story), Nathan Fox (artist), Dave Stewart (colors), Steve Wands (letters), Sebastian Girner (editor), Tom Muller (Designer)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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