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‘Black Hammer / Justice League: Hammer of Justice #2’ – Comic Book Review

I cackled multiple times throughout this issue, because it’s so perfect. As far as two companies and two universes crossing over, Jeff Lemire has found the perfect vehicle to handle such a venture. Black Hammer is a world of stories; it’s so meta that, at one point, we even get to see the creators of these stories, albeit in a very surreal way. Justice League is exactly what Black Hammer is commenting on, so to flip the two worlds gives Jeff Lemire so much room to play.

One of the fun things is seeing Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Cyborg all trying to make life work for what they think has been a decade on the farm: Bruce Wayne needing to busy himself with taking care of inane local disturbances; Superman missing his life but making the most of it; and Cyborg trapped with nowhere to go for the worry that someone might see him. For three years now, we’ve seen the psychological effects on characters as we got to know them. Now, we see the psychological effects of the farm on characters we’ve known our entire lives. There’s an immediate understanding of their mind sets.

Reverse that: The characters from Black Hammer are now in the DC Universe – characters that are so psychologically abnormal compared to the Justice League. They curse, they have sex, they desire, they fear, they hate, they’re selfish –
they’re us, slapped into a world in which the characters are essentially based on mythologies as gods of the world. Lemire handles it so mindbogglingly well that I don’t see how anyone wouldn’t enjoy this.

One of the funniest gags is watching Gail try to openly swear in the DC Universe. I was cackling with joy. Also, Colonel Weird dealing with the Lanterns and visiting some of the most unexpected places; this couldn’t be more perfect.

Michael Walsh is cleaning up on art. He’s got to be having so much fun bringing this story to life, and it’s about time that the characters from Black Hammer get to have a little fun…well, in this case, a lot of fun!

Creative Team: Jeff Lemire (writer), Michael Walsh (artist), Nate Piekos of Blambot (letters), Daniel Chabon, Michael McCalister (editors)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics and DC
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