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‘Tinseltown: Director’s Cut’ – Trade Paperback Review

Abigail wants to be a police officer (just like her dad), but, in the time when this story was set, being a woman prevented many from achieving this goal. One day, Abigail sees a listing hiring police officers at Utopia, a new Hollywood studio. Although the position would be that of a glorified security guard (They’re only there to give the place a real-world feel.), Abigail soon sees behind the lights and cameras of the Hollywood, looking right into its corrupted underbelly.

The story of Tinseltown’s is its biggest strength. There’s so much happening underneath. We’re given an inside look into the play that is Hollywood – with real people who are propelled into stardom and viewed as the new Greek gods – and everyone wants in.

The characters are all enticing. Abigail, the protagonist, is a humble dreamer. She yearns to be an officer, like her late father, and refuses to back down from that dream. The same can be said about the other characters in the story. They all have dreams, and the way they interact with one another is very well executed. The art, as well, is something to behold. It felt as though the comic really had the feel of the time period to it, with the appropriate shading, coloring, and textures throughout.

It’s an interesting story. Too often, we’ve heard about the corruption and eagerness of Hollywood in its early days: the way the men with money flexed their power for their own amusement; the influential corruption that the city had on impressionable minds, leaving some to horrible lives and even death; and the hope of being able to be something more than what you are.

Tinseltown is a story that presents the idea of the American Dream in the golden days of Hollywood. Work hard, meet the right people, and with a little bit of luck, everything will turn up right in the end. Abigail’s story is one filled with curiosity, danger, and hope. It’s something that’s worth reading now during these trying times.

Creative Team: David Lucarelli (creator and writer); Henry Ponciano (art); Letters HDE
Publisher: Alterna Comics
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Christian Castillo, Fanbase Press Contributor



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