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‘Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond #3’ – Comic Book Review

Issue three is the final installment of the Carson of Venus: The Flames Beyond story arc. The previous two issues saw Carson Napier captured by the villainous Varlek Sar and meeting Loto, an Earth-born woman who is gifted with the same astral projection powers as Napier. Sar tricks Napier in becoming an experiment in his weird science device that is able to not only make real Napier’s astral projections, but duplicate them, as well.

This issue begins with Duare, Napier’s betrothed, leading an attack on the city of Havatoo in an effort to both rescue Napier but to also stop Sar and his schemes of conquest. Napier and Loto are able to escape Sar’s clutches while the evil Napier duplicates run amok around Havatoo. Napier is eventually captured and overpowered by Sar’s forces, but he is able to create a telepathic link with a Myposan that has been subjected to Sar’s experiments. Empowered, Napier is able to turn his clones against Sar. Napier eventually rendezvous with Duare, and both race to stop Sar from reaching his rocket as he has his eyes on a different conquest: Earth!

The final issue of The Flames Beyond wraps up Napier’s current story arc perfectly. The issue is exciting, with fight scenes, car chases, and increased higher stakes as Sar put his plans into motion. Christopher Paul Carey’s writing continues the spirit of Edgar Rice Burroughs and even incorporates meta narrative at the comic’s conclusion, as well. Mesarcia’s artwork fleshes out all of the characters extremely well, both human and alien alike. The captive Myposan that gives Napier additional power looks particularly emotive.

While The Flames Beyond comes to a conclusion, the Venusian adventures still continue. American Mythology continues to publish a variety of Burroughs’ properties, with Napier currently appearing in a crossover with John Carter of Mars and Duare getting her own series called Princess of Venus.

Creative Team: Christopher Paul Carey (writer), Cyrus Mesarcia (artist), Beezzz Studios (colorist), and Natalie Jane (letterer)
Publisher: American Mythology
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Nicholas Diak, Fanbase Press Contributor



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