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‘In Place of Honor #2:’ Comic Book Review

Fans of Shards: Volume 1 will be happy to see a second chapter for one of the stories in the first of two anthologies. In Place of Honor: Chapter One explores a world where wolves and ryders are seeking control in an ongoing war, while one wolf, Bennett, is captured and locked in chains in a cell. Not only does this character stay in wolf form for the majority of the first chapter, she ultimately has to watch other wolves being tortured and murdered, quite gruesomely, before escape is offered by an enemy that appreciates honor above horrifying prison tactics.

Like the first issue, In Place of Honor #2 is written by Kimberly Moss and illustrated by Digo Salazar. Although this chapter isn’t as bloody as the first, details about the war slowly seep through the pages to make readers wonder how Bennett will survive after being rescued by a mysterious stranger, James, who also happens to understand her backstory as a wolf. Writer Moss highlights the precariousness of Bennett’s position of waking up in a cabin, without any true understanding of where she is, how she got there, and if the person sitting across from her at the breakfast table is trustworthy. This plays so well to wanting to know more about these two characters, but also sharing enough details about a surprise inspection from those in power – a “routine census check” as they call it. This moment definitely lets readers know that wolves aren’t winning the war, and being one is damning to those who try to help, as well.

Artist Salazar creates a lot of interest within the characters’ eyes, as if they’re defining characteristics into a person’s soul. To a degree, it makes a reader feel like whatever is brimming on the inside is ready to burst out from the pages, transforming into another character. The colors from these pages definitely stand out, with pops coming from articles of clothing, blood spatter, painted skies, or a beverage at a local bar.

Moss and Salazar create an interesting story by providing enough details from one chapter to the next about the overarching plot that make you wonder, “What’s Bennett’s history within the war?” or “Where will she end up in a war that’s primarily been showcased with images of torture or questionable alliances?” This story will have you asking more questions, which will hopefully (like me) only enhance your desire to see more from these creators and this storyline.

Creative Team: Kimberly Moss (writer), Digo Salazar (artist)
Publisher: In Hiatus Studios
Available in single issue or bundled with anthology to also collect first chapter.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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