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‘Spencer & Locke 2 #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Spencer & Locke 2 #4 reaches a point in the plot that never even remotely seemed possible. Writer David Pepose carefully crafts the conclusion to the second story arc of this amazing series with dominoes falling until the last one blows your mind.

Issue #4 showcases our beloved characters Locke and his imaginary best friend Spencer. We also come to truly love Locke’s daughter Hero for her tenacity and true grit in trying to follow her father’s path in serving and protecting. The final chapter in Spencer & Locke 2 is a one-on-one match between Locke and holy terror Roach Riley. Riley is willing to carve a path of villainous destruction through fear and literally scorching buildings to the ground.

Riley is the complete opposite to Locke in the sense that Locke uses the experience of his traumatic abuses to help others, while Riley only hopes to make others feel his pain. Although it’s clear that Riley was overly distraught by his past, there are also other factors that guide his motivations to destroying anyone and everything around him. Pepose does a wonderful job of continuing to surprise readers with his ingenuity and finding ways to develop characters that are trying to survive the emotional chaos that represents their past lives.

The artwork by Jorge Santiago, Jr. and colorist Jasen Smith continues to deliver on a story that captivates in a way that readers will want to see more and more. The “Calvin and Hobbes meet Sin City” approach is gritty, with fantastic panels that perfectly highlight what’s happening. Intense moments are filled with black-and-white, noir-style panels, while the entire story has this wonderful complement of darker tones and colorful pops.

Good stories lead their readers from one moment to the next without any hiccups, while a great stories also enhance the experience with a simple premise.  I. WANT. MORE. Spencer & Locke 2 #4 gives its readers just that feeling with this comic book and the previous issues in the series. Locke always wants to do what’s right in the world, and that feeling is amplified when his daughter is involved in any way. Whether you have children or not, it seems completely relatable to want to protect those you love in times of crisis – and this story absolutely delivers that.

If you’re a fan of this series, you’ll definitely appreciate the final story in this arc, “Mutually Assured Destruction,” as you will only want to have more Spencer and Locke in your life as soon as you’re finished reading. It’s that good.

Creative Team: David Pepose (writer), Jorge Santiago, Jr. (artist), Jasen Smith (colorist), Colin Bell (letterer)
Publisher: Action Lab Danger Zone
Available in Digital, Print, and Pre-Order (for the entire volume).

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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