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‘The Adjacent:’ Graphic Novel Review

We enter The Adjacent with Jane and Eduardo discussing Jane’s amnesia and her desire to live the life she has now. It’s then that we encounter the Verslinder, dimensional creatures that eat the fabric of the universe, and Nicholas Zacharias . . . Jane’s husband from another world. From there, we’re thrown into a conspiracy, and it all gets very exciting, very fast.

As much as I found this story to be interested and exciting, I couldn’t help but feel as though it suffered a bit of introduction troubles.  Many stories struggle with this issue, where the first episode, book, or issue in a series has a bit of an uphill struggle to get the reader familiar with the world and invested in its characters. Playing with diverging realities can be difficult, but Zahos and White don’t let the story get away from them. They focus on one aspect of the story and stay there without making it feel like it’s getting tunnel vision.

The one issue I have to take with the series is certain character and costume designs. For one, Jane/Alexa’s little, black dress seems more like a nightgown than it does a dress that should be worn in a scientific lab. Likewise, the catastrophic wound that Eduardo has doesn’t have that same sense of foreboding that Verslinder has. There are also some questionable instances of fingers and mouths looking a bit odd, but they’re few and far between.

Nevertheless, the story is interesting, and it’s one that seems to be gearing towards something much more sinister than what it leads on. The Adjacent has a story that is waiting to break out of its initial introduction and provide us with something amazing.

Creative Team: Peter Zahos (writer), Kristopher White (co-author), Thomas Chu (colors), Andworld Design (Letters), Ray Anthony Height (pencils/inks-chapter 1), Miguel Angel Ruiz Garrido (pencils/inks-chapter 2, Josh Adams & Tone Rodriguez (pencils/inks-chapter 3), Tone Rodriguez (pencils/inks-chapter 4), Atthila Fabio (pencils/inks-chapter 5-8)
Publisher: Trimark Press
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Christian Castillo, Fanbase Press Contributor



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