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‘Black Badge #11:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I haven’t fist pumped since the ’90s. I fist pumped yesterday when I read Black Badge #11 which is the penultimate issue of this story arc (and maybe the series as a whole).

The “what if” presented in Black Badge is this: What if exceptionally skilled kids were recruited to join an elite Boy Scout troupe that worked on behalf of the American government, taking on missions that only kids could get away with under the guise of innocence and naivety. Kids world hopping behind enemy lines. It’s a killer premise that is subverted with political intrigue.

From the very beginning, you got a sense that something wasn’t quite right, and with the patient hands of Matt Kindt, that underlying slow burn exploded into the forefront, making for an emotional and thrilling ride.

Tyler Jenkins really embraced that joy in how the story unfolded visually without losing the real-world feeling. You felt the environments these kids were in: forests, deserts, and cities. Tyler’s artwork really, really thrives with Hilary Jenkins’ colors. They make a wonderful team.

These stories are the types of stories I would imagine myself being a part of when I was a kid. Saving the world, going on adventures, and getting out of danger in the nick of time. The Black Badges embody that – going up against world powers with sticks, bow and arrows, electric fans, and their wits. Kindt wisely never forgets that they are ultimately Boy Scouts – working for badges and going to jamborees – and that’s what keeps the insanity of the premise grounded. That’s what will make this fun for young adults and adults alike.

There’s never a bad time to jump into a comic series, even if it is the last issue. Hunt down the collected trade paperbacks and devour them. You won’t regret it.

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (story), Tyler Jenkins (art), Hilary Jenkins (colors), Jim Campbell (letters), Eric Harburn (editor), Scott Newman (designer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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