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‘Dreamworld: Colorworld Book Five’ – Book Review

Wendy survived being a target of both The Guild and Andre in the final pages of Shadoworld, but it came at an incredibly painful price: the loss of her beloved Uncle Moby.  Her marriage struggled, as well, with the revelation of why Gabriel and Mike are so intertwined; however, Dreamworld jumps forward 2 ½ years with Wendy awakening in a hospital with no memory of anything past her initial examination as Pneumatikon! She faces rebuilding her identity, sense of purpose, and role in a world that continually suffers increasingly devastating natural disasters.  What is the truth behind Wendy’s mysterious memory loss? Can she still be the Wendy Whitley we’ve come to love while integrating deeply with The Guild? Where are the rest of her companions from that horrific battle for independence? Finding the answers will be a wild ride in the pages of Dreamworld!

The first chapters of Rachel E. Kelly’s fifth installment in the Colorworld series stunned me and almost felt like the beginning of an entirely new story.  Where were Gabriel, Robbie, Ezra, and Kaylen to provide support for Wendy’s memory loss? Why did she suddenly feel any type of kinship with The Guild? As the first portions of the book unfolded, I felt as off-kilter and uncertain as our protagonist.  As the pieces fell into place, I loved how the new circumstances allowed the cast to heal, reconnect, and reestablish bonds that frayed during the final chapters of Shadoworld. The answers provide as many questions as resolutions, but the dilemma facing Earth can’t be solved with one fix.  At the end, I simply felt that the core cast possessed the right tools to face the upcoming crisis and survive.

In many ways, Dreamworld is a palette cleanser after the emotionally charged events of the previous two books.  Wendy’s rediscovery of her strength and inner resolve warmed my heart after her despair and grief, and I enjoyed her transformation.  The new characters, especially Chase, also introduce a lighter tone into the plot, although they definitely are not two-dimensional.  Hopefully, they will continue to play a role in later books since I enjoyed the additions to the cast.

Dreamworld hits amazing highs and painful lows in the course of its 800+ pages, and I loved every minute of it.  Fans of the series will absorb the words while simultaneously trying to unravel the secret behind Wendy’s memory loss…and I guarantee it’s not at all what anyone is expecting.  All I can say is: read it, love it, and experience a story that surprises me with every new twist and turn. 

5 GMA Appearances out of 5


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