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‘Cooking with Lovecraft:’ Book Review

Miguel Fliguer’s Cooking with Lovecraft blends the concept of Eldritch-style stories with the ever-popular themed cookbook.  The 96-page work consists of a mixture of short stories and creepy recipes full of ingredients only found in Lovecraft’s twisted world.  The flavor of every piece varies slightly, but they are all tied together with the theme of food or other gastronomical experiences in a very Lovecraftian style.

Short story collections are often harder to review because not every entry will speak to a single reader, and Cooking with Lovecraft is no exception.  With recipes mixed in along with the blurbs and stories, the tone is more uneven than the average anthology, but somehow each piece connects to create a whole work that should charm fans of Miskatonic U and Arkham.  Fliguer presents recipes that can be recreated in the average household kitchen, but cooks may need to make a few…substitutions to the most unique ingredients.

The Feastival touched me the most because of the simple beauty and eeriness of the plot, but I was equal parts fascinated, repelled, and warmed by “The Horror from the Ice-Cream.” Of course, “Ghoulash” delved into more traditional horror fare with its plot of mysterious food that transformed the person who ate it. Each story has stayed in my mind for a little while since finishing the book, and I have found myself contemplating the best way to acquire a “Chicken of Tindalos” in my galley kitchen a few times. Maybe I’ll just settle for using regular chicken in the honey-garlic chicken of Tindalos recipe… 

Overall, Cooking with Lovecraft is a charming addition that fans of the Deep Ones and early 20th literature will enjoy as a side romp to filling out job applications for Innsmouth businesses. On a purely practical level, the recipes aren’t anything serious cooks can’t find in more traditional sources, but the Cthulhu twist adds some extra appeal.  It’s a fun piece for the Lovecraft aficionado in your life and is definitely something to consider for holiday gifts!

4 Scoops of Ice Cream in a Horrific Sundae of 5

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