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‘Palladium’s Gate:’ Book Review

Ghosts are a peculiar bunch, and even more so for the living who can see them.

Rogan is a wanderer, a handyman, and a seer. Never one to put down roots, he has good reason since everywhere he goes ghosts and other dark things follow him. He thinks those days might be over when he answers an ad for a caretaker at an old Victorian mansion. For a time behind those locked gates, his nights are terror free until Lennox (a young boy) and Jake (a mysterious man) take up residence. Then, things start to become much more complicated.

And then, there’s Mr. Brown. He’s a ghost and the former caretaker of said Victorian mansion. Accidentally killed, or perhaps not, Brown makes it his mission to try to warn Rogan of the malevolent spirits next door, as well as the other creepy things trying to pass through the gates to the mansion. He’s particularly worried about someone or something called the guardian; however, Brown’s efforts to warn Rogan about the mansion and what lies beneath are in vain.

It isn’t until Lennox goes missing and Rogan is drawn into another dimension that he realizes he can no longer deny that he’s more than knee deep in evil.

What I enjoyed most about this novella was the alternating points of view between Brown (the ghost) and Rogan (the seer). Both were well-written characters who were sympathetic, yet complex.  Although I knew that this was an ongoing series, I felt the ending was abrupt. It may just be me, but I felt it could have ended with a tad more information about what had changed for Rogan. (Sorry about being vague, but I didn’t want to reveal spoilers.) This is an ARC, so there is the possibility for some changes.  Nevertheless, Ms. Holden definitely nails the spooky and creepy atmosphere – so much so that you’ll be looking over your shoulder while you read it.

I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Creative Team: Janet Joyce Holden (author)
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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