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‘The Last Shimmer:’ Short Story Review

It seems rare these days, kids and teens who enjoy reading. With the glamor of the Internet and cell phone apps constantly keeping us glued to our devices, there’s not much room in those hands to hold a book. Even rarer still is a child who wants to be a writer. Beyond that is the unicorn: a female pre-teen who wants to write horror.

I was that unicorn once, growing up watching every Jason/Freddy/Michael movie out there, consuming copious amounts of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. But that was in the ’80s, where we didn’t have the shiny distractions we have today. Because of that, I was so thrilled to read the fresh work of Sage Hyatt.

Hyatt is a 12-year-old girl who has been writing with her father since she was five. Her shorter works can be found on, but her most recent work is a short story titled “The Last Shimmer.” The story revolves around Tiger Lilly Dander, a kid who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her friends, as is revealed in the first chapter when she and her best friend encounter a bully. The tale goes on to reveal that people all around her are having their “shimmer” stolen by their shadows, the negative silhouettes following them around who are jealous of their human counterparts.

The writing demonstrates a high level of understanding of the craft and sets forth a luminous path for Hyatt as she continues to develop her style. It’s a fantastic story for kids, teens, and adults alike and ends with a great moral and insightful reflection on life. Vivid themes and colorful language continuously drive the story forward as if the book was written by a much older author. The editing is very well done, as is the cover, which illustrates the crux of the story very well.

“The Last Shimmer” is a rare find, much like Sage Hyatt, and one that should be read as part of a school curriculum to demonstrate that dreams of being in the arts, even at such a tender age, should be followed.

Creative Team: Sage Hyatt (Author), Ryan Hyatt (Editor), Eric Sylvester (Cover Design)
Publisher: Not Your Father’s Bedtime Stories
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