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‘Behemoth:’ Book Review

A small town that is never open past sundown, a mysterious car crash resulting in the deaths of three locals, more disappearances spilling over into the next town, and a reporter trying to get to the bottom of everything. What could possibly go wrong?

In Behemoth, that would be a lot. Robert Garrahan is from the “big city,” with no knowledge of the small town of Morris outside of it being near Ashford, where he owns a vacation home. On one particular foray to his home to work on his novel, he stops at a gas station in Morris for the first time and meets a young girl whose family owns the station. Later, he meets her father, as well. Then, upon a third visit, someone else is at the station, without a clue as to who the father and daughter are.

The mystery, alongside the other disappearances, is enough for Garrahan to investigate. But, the more he searches, the more he finds himself – and his own daughter – in danger. Throw in Biblical prophecy, a sketchy priest, and a legendary monster, and Behemoth has it all.

HP Newquist’s writing style engages the reader every step of the way. It snatches you up from the beginning with stakes that are seriously high and deadly. Even the minor characters who are offed in the beginning have depth and personality, which lends to the reader’s connection with everyone in the story. The settings are movie-like, with richness that bring the story to life. The plot is fully realized, well-developed, and downright creepy fun.

Newquist is an accomplished writer, and it shows on each page of Behemoth. A wild ride that doesn’t ease up on tension, Behemoth is a must-read for any horror junkie.

Creative Team: HP Newquist (writer), Pete Kahle (editor)
Publisher: Bloodshot Books
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Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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