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Fanboy Comics Interviews Tim Russ (‘Star Trek: Voyager,’ ‘Live Free or Die Hard’) on ‘Bloomers: Season 3’

The following is an interview with actor, writer, producer, and director Tim Russ (Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Of Gods & Men, Symbiotic Titans) regarding his work with the online series Bloomers and the show’s currently running Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for the production costs of Season 3.  In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with Russ about how he became involved with the series, the challenges of working in front of and behind the camera, and his creative process in working with the team on Bloomers!

Barbra J. Dillon, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor: Tim, first and foremost, congratulations on the success of Bloomers! Having served as director for the first two seasons of the online series, where do you hope to take the show in its third season?

Tim Russ: That all depends on the writer. The stories are created by the writers, and it’s my job to bring their vision to life. I hope to continue shooting the tone and style we have established thus far.

BD: What initially attracted you to Bloomers and to the role of director?

TR: I was initially approached by Fernanda, one of the producers actresses on the project, to play a cameo role in Bloomers. I asked them who was directing, and, at the time, they hadn’t really established that position entirely. So, I pitched myself as director, part-time, if they needed one. I thought the script was very interesting, and the actors that were cast were brilliant. And, given the fact that much of the shooting was going to be local, and/or right next door to my house, it was logistically easy for me to work on.

BD: Having worked extensively in front of the camera and now behind the scenes as director, do you find that one aspect of the creative process is more challenging than the other? More rewarding?

TR: Directing is definitely more challenging, because, as the director, you are overseeing the look, feel, and pace of the whole piece. You have to visually interpret and bring to the writer’s story. Becoming a director was a natural evolutionary process having worked an actor for so many years. 

BD: What can you tell us about the process of working with the creative team of the series, including the cast and crew, and the contributions of these individuals.

TR: The primary writer/producer, Matt Pallazzolo, and producer, Fernanda Espindola, are daring in their storytelling. They push the envelope with their characters and give the cast of very talented actors a large variety of emotional and physical challenges for their characters. On both seasons, we have had a small, but very dedicated, crew who work very hard.

BD: Bloomers is currently running a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo to raise the necessary funds to produce Season 3. Why do you feel that readers should support the campaign?

TR: If the audience is watching and enjoying the stories and character relationships in the Bloomers series and understand how much work goes into producing the series, I hope they would want to support the show and help make it possible to continue telling those stories.

About Tim Russ
Tim Russ has been working as both an actor and musician for the past 25 years. His talents encompass a wide spectrum of the performing arts including composing, musical performances, writing, producing, directing, and voice-over. His acting credits include Live Free or Die Hard, The Highway Man, The People Next Door, Star Trek: Voyager, Samantha Who, & iCarly. Having worked with Crescendo Records, Tim has released several CDs which are all available on iTunes and As a producer, Tim headed up a number of projects, including the feature film East of Hope Street and an award-winning children’s book/audio CD entitled Bugsters, published by Wood’s N’ Water Press. Mr. Russ has also entered the TV/Film directing arena with credits, including Star Trek: Voyager, The FBI Files, and the feature films Star Trek: Of Gods & Men and Night at the Silent Movie Theater. Tim is currently also working as a voice-over artist, with credits including The lead character “Solomon” in Cartoon Network’s Symbiotic Titans, several video games, and 6 audio books.

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