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Fanboy Comics Interviews the Horror Equity Fund

The following is an interview with the team behind the Horror Equity Fund, a central place for fans, professionals, and investors to learn, exchange ideas, offer services, find opportunities, get content, and find or offer funding for horror-centric projects. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor Barbra Dillon chats with the team regarding the inspiration behind the organization, its missions to unite horror genre creators with investors, how individuals can get involved, and more!

Barbra Dillon, Fanboy Comics Managing Editor: For those who may be unfamiliar, what is the Horror Equity Fund, and how did the organization come into existence?

Horror Equity Fund: Horror Equity Fund, Inc. (HEF) is a company that facilitates and organizes the finding, financing, and accelerating to market of “all things horror.” We help solve the most basic issues facing the independent content creator seeking to get their work to an adoring public.

BD: What sets the Horror Equity Fund apart from crowdfunding and other fundraising platforms, and why does the organization benefit content creators?

HEF: When many people think “crowdfunding,” they no doubt think of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. But, those are “donation/rewards”-based crowdfunding – very different than HEF! Let’s take Oculus VR as an example: If you gave Oculus $345.00 during its “crowdfunding incarnation,” you’d have received a pair of the VR glasses and a game. If, instead of “rewards-based crowdfunding,” you’d been able to invest that same $345 in the same company with a crowd investment platform, you’d have realized approximately $43,000 in return. Crowd Investment allows the fans of your work to participate in your success.

And, when a content creator returns a profit to an investor, that investor is much more likely to return to invest again.

BD: Are there specific types of horror-related projects with which you prefer to work (i.e., film, TV, comics, web series, etc.)?

HEF: The majority of our business is in film, but we’re also very engaged in gaming, graphic novels, comics, TV, web content, and even live events.

BD: Who comprises the Horror Equity Fund staff, and what can you share regarding their contributions to the organization?

HEF: Our founder and CEO, Marlon Schulman, is a creative executive and the man who was strongly responsible for bringing Anime to the mainstream in this country. He created (for Bandai Entertainment) and produced numerous anime hits. The usefulness of his background as an entertainment attorney, distribution executive, and driving force behind various organizations cannot be overstated. He believes in community and in genre entertainment.

Brian Herskowitz is CCO. A screenwriter, director, and producer, Brian has a long history of independent filmmaking and TV production. He’s taught screenwriting for the last two decades and has a screenwriting textbook out now titled Process to Product. His decades of experience within the industry allow for us to cherry-pick projects that have the greatest potential.

Peter Flood, Director of Development, is a dramaturge, stage director, acting coach, and union script analyst. Peter is another experienced creative, and his insights are integral to keeping the quality of material and potential for profit high.

There are many more executive and staff members waiting to use their experience and abilities to help HEF succeed!

BD: How do investors and horror content creators go about connecting with your staff, and what should they anticipate as they take on this exciting journey?

HEF: Easy as pie! They go to our website – – and simply email us. [But, please don’t send any proprietary material (a script or a comic book) without contacting us first, requesting and possibly then receiving a submission release form.] Once that’s done, we generally evaluate the project, discuss its merits internally, and then either ask for more information or wish you the best of luck and pass on the material.

If we accept a project, we work to shape it into its more potentially marketable form. For films, that includes speaking with distributors about domestic and international distribution. Once the project is ready, we reach out to our private investors and equity sources. In the very near future, that will be combined with our proprietary crowd investing site, where projects that appeal to the broad fan base in horror can attempt to secure financing.

As things progress, HEF will have the ability and option to fund projects directly. This may be a little off topic, but we’d like to announce to your readers that we’re going to be launching a One-Minute “Scare the Crap Out of Me” Video Contest fans of horror and aspiring filmmakers can get recognition for making a one-minute horror short. We’ve lined up some pretty terrific celebrity judges, and the winner will win cash, a trip to Hollywood, and, more importantly, access to pitch their ideas to Hollywood insiders. We’re pretty hyped about the potential. Look for an announcement (and details) soon!.

BD: Is there any additional advice that you would like to offer to potential investors or content creators?

HEF: We are committed to transparency, honesty, and integrity. We focus on projects we truly believe can return a profit to the investors. Investing in entertainment is a high-risk proposition, and always will be; however, we go to great pains to focus on the segment that historically has shown the greatest ROI for the lowest budgetary needs – Horror. We believe there’s no better way to be involved in the exciting and potentially lucrative world of film and other content than with the Horror Equity Fund.

BD: Lastly, where can our readers find more information about the Horror Equity Fund?

HEF: Website: / email: info (at) horrorequityfund (dot) com / phone: 844-4HORROR (844-446-7767).


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