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Fanboy Comics Interviews Susan Eisenberg (‘The Chair,’ ‘Justice League’)

The following is an interview with actress Susan Eisenberg (Justice League, Justice League Unlimited), who will soon be portraying Ms. Prince in the upcoming film The Chair. The creators behind the film recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the film, with the hopes of bringing the graphic novel adaptation to the big screen. In this interview, Fanboy Comics Contributor Christina Brookman chats with Eisenberg about transitioning from voice-over work to live-action film, her time as the voice of Wonder Woman, and what she is working on next!

Christina Brookman, Fanboy Comics Contributor: You are well known for you voice character work. Are you excited to embody a comic book character on the screen in the live-action film, The Chair?

Susan Eisenberg: I’d say I’m both nervous and excited. I primarily do voice-over work, so the notion of being filmed is both thrilling and terrifying to me. But, I’m a huge fan of Peter’s work, so when he asked me to be a part of the film, I jumped at the chance. And, the fact that we could name the character Diana Prince and give that wink to the audience made it even more inviting.

CB: Some of your previous work has been geared towards a younger audience. Were you excited to take on a darker film (with The Chair) that was targeted towards a more mature audience?

SE: Most of the work I did as Wonder Woman was on the cartoon series Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, and neither of them was targeted to a very young audience. Having said that, neither one was targeted to a hard-core graphic horror audience either. But, the truth is when you meet someone who has as much passion for a project as Peter does for THE CHAIR, you simply ask, “Where do I sign?” I know how much it means to him to get this book adapted to film, and if I can be a small part of that, I’m overjoyed!

CB: You have quite frequently taken on the mantle of Wonder Woman in animated TV series and video games. What interests you about the character and excites you to continue returning to the role?

SE: It’s funny because people ask me about playing Wonder Woman as if I’ve had the choice to play her or not. The truth is I’m overjoyed and grateful each and every time someone asks me to voice her, but as an actor, I’m entirely beholden to others making those decisions. I’ve said this before, but being cast as WW in Justice League and subsequent projects has been the greatest gift of my career!

CB: Being that this is Fanboy Comics, would you care to “geek out” with us about your favorite superheroes in comic book or animated form?

SE: Well, I’ll be honest here . . . I didn’t grow up as a comic book geek. I did love reading Archie comics, but I wasn’t invested in either the DC or Marvel universes. Today, however, I have to admit to a certain affection for a superhero who wears a dark cape and has an attitude to match.

CB: Are there any upcoming projects on which you are working that you are able to share with our readers?

SE: There are a couple of projects that I’ve done that I would love to be able to talk about, but, unfortunately, I’m not allowed to yet. Be in touch with me in a couple of months, and I’ll be able to dish with you guys!




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