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Fanbase Press Interviews Wandering Planet Toys’ Gavin Hignight and Doc Wyatt on Launching the Kickstarter Campaign for ‘The Prisoner’ Action Figures

The following is an interview with Wandering Planet Toys co-founders Doc Wyatt (writer – Star Wars Resistance, Strech Armstrong and the Flex Fighters) and Gavin Hignight (Star Wars Resistance, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) regarding the recently launched Kickstarter campaign for the first-ever officially licensed action figure line based on the cult-classic TV show, The Prisoner. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Wyatt and Hignight about why they chose The Prisoner for their first toy line, the great backer rewards available within the campaign, and more!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief: You recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for these amazing, retro-style action figures based on The Prisoner through your toy company, Wandering Planet Toys.  For those who may be unfamiliar, what can you tell us about Wandering Planet Toys, and what led to your decision to produce toys based on The Prisoner?

Gavin Hignight: I’ve been a toy collector for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been inspired in recent years by all the folks using crowdfunding and advances in technology to create their own action figure lines. I’m also a HUGE fan of classic TV and science fiction… which led me to The Prisoner. It’s such an amazing series, and I had no way to celebrate my fandom for it… so we are creating something for not only myself but all the other Prisoner fans out there to celebrate the series with.  

Doc Wyatt: Gavin and I have been friends for more than a decade, working as writers on some of the same animated shows. We first met on Iron Man: Armored Adventures back in the day. And we would always talk about our toy collections, but Gavin knew people working in the indie toy community, which eventually led us to think—could we do this, too? And it looks like the answer is yes.

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BD: Creating toys is understandably no easy feat, especially for an indie toy company.  What can you share with us about the creative process behind designing and producing these toys, as well as garnering approval for them to be officially licensed?

DW: Can I just say, I can’t believe we get to work with an official license from The Prisoner! I can’t imagine a better first project. I ran across The Prisoner when I was 10 to 12, and it was running on my local PBS station after Doctor Who. It blew my mind. It was like nothing else on TV. When Gavin suggested we make Prisoner toys, I immediately cleared room on my shelf for them.

GH: We had to approach every step with a very solid vision and plan. We’ve never done this before, and we’ve stumbled here and there as we figured it out… but at the core, because of our fandom for The Prisoner, and because of our own toy collecting habits, we knew what that vision should be. Likeness and quality of sculpt were of the utmost importance, which led us to artist and sculptor Louie Tucci. His sculpt really brought the idea to life. We did much of the work on that sculpt of Number 6, and on the design of the line before we presented it, so the rights holders would know we were serious and wanted to honor the series and would follow through with quality. ITV – who we are working with – have been great. They’ve supported this effort and elevated it greatly with their notes.

BD: In light of the Kickstarter campaign, are there any particular backer rewards that you would like to highlight for our readers?

GH: I’m thrilled to say the campaign recently launched, and we’ve already seen an incredible amount of toy collectors and Prisoner fans support us!! Funding in less than two hours is a dream. We look forward to building up and adding more and more to that dream. My favorite offering is the NUMBER 6 in Rover Package… but then again my other favorites are the gorgeous two-pack boxes designed by Jenny Moore… so… it’s hard to pick a favorite reward level. If someone else released these, and I was watching as a fan, I’d be doing the ALL IN pledge as I’d want it all. Heck, Doc and I are making these because WE WANT THEM ALL…

DW:…And now, thanks to our Kickstarter backers, we get to have them! We’re so grateful for them. They’re OUR Village (except, you know, we won’t subject them to evil mind games and endless interrogation).

ThePrisonerNumber6 0e9

BD: While this toy line has only just begun its Kickstarter campaign, do you have plans for future toy lines that you hope to launch, or are there other well-known properties that you’d like to work with?

GH: Oh… oh yes. We have some many ideas and things we love that we’re bursting to approach as action figures. I don’t want to give anything away, but yes, we know what comes next should this line do well. For the time being, we are nose down and focused on making these the best The Prisoner figures we can possibly make. The fans deserve it. Patrick McGoohan’s legacy deserves it.

DW: We have this license for a while, by the way, and fan interest is clearly out there, so we hope to broaden the Prisoner toy line in the future too.

BD: Lastly, what is the best way to learn more about Wandering Planet Toys and your Kickstarter campaign?

GH: The best way for folks to check out this line is going to our Kickstarter page for it, and if they’d like to follow what else we’re up to and updates on this line, our Twitter (@wanderingplanet) and Instagram (@wanderingplanet_official) will be a fun place to find and follow us.


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