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Fanboy Comics Interviews Kelly Sue DeConnick, Writer of Captain Marvel


kelly sue deconnickFanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright recently had a chance to interview Kelly Sue DeConnick, the writer of some awesome comics like Osborn Incarcerated, Supergirl, and Castle, about her upcoming book Captain Marvel. Here’s what she had to say.

This interview was conducted on May 15, 2012.




Jason Enright, Fanboy Comics Contributor:  Kelly Sue, your new book Captain Marvel, comes out this July. What can readers expect from your new take on the character?


Kelly Sue DeConnick
: Carol Danvers as Chuck Yeager!  We’re focusing on her as a hero, a pilot, and a bit of an adrenaline junkie.  

JE: Carol Danvers has headed up her own book before, and she’s been a support character in the Avengers and New Avengers. How do you, as a writer, take a well known and loved character and distinguish her as a stand alone hero, so she can headline her own book again?

KSD: I don’t think anything about Carol had to change to make her a headliner.  She’s a star.  

JE: I absolutely love that Carol is taking hold of the Captain Marvel name and making it her own. Was it important to you to have her take over that legacy and not stay as Ms. Marvel?

KSD: It was not even on my radar to be honest with you.  My editor made that happen.  Now that it’s a done deal, I could not be happier about it, but I can’t take credit for it — Steve Wacker went to the mat on that one.  

JE: There’s been a lot of talk lately about women’s roles both on the comic page and creating the comic page. Do you feel it’s important that you are bringing Carol back into a starring role instead of a male Marvel writer?

KSD: No.  I mean, I am thrilled that female creators seem to have been gaining some more visibility over the last few years, and I am personally delighted that my plate is full.  I am something of an outspoken feminist, and I’m rooting for more and better treatment for women creators, women characters, and women readers.  But, that said, I don’t think you need to be a woman to write a woman any more than you need to be a man to write a man or a hulk to write a hulk. (Full disclosure: I am a hulk.)

Some of the most powerful and interesting women in modern superhero comics have been written by Brian Bendis and Greg Rucka, you know?  

JE: You are one of the most internet connected writers I know. Have Twitter and Tumblr been a useful tool for you in promoting the book and creating an online community around Captain Marvel?

KSD: I guess we’ll find out, huh?!  

I don’t know.  I’m trying everything.  I’ll certainly know if it doesn’t work.  If it does, I may never know what specifically was the formula.  

capt-marvel-jamie-mckelvieJE: So let’s say a totally new comic book reader sees this interview, someone who knows nothing of Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, or the greater Marvel universe. Why should they pick up your book, and, even more important, why should they pre-order your book sight unseen form their LCS?

KSD: If they’re interested in the mythos of the hero, in pilots, the space program, or the Women Air Service Pilots of World War II, then I think they might like our book.  If they think they might like our book, I’d ask that they consider pre-ordering as it assures them their copy, doesn’t cost anything, and might help us to stick around.  

I even have pre-printed forms they can download on my website at

JE: Kelly Sue, thanks for taking the time to chat with us here at Fanboy Comics. Do you have any final thoughts you want to share with you audience?

KSD: Thank you!


Captain Marvel hits store shelves in June, but your store has to place its order by May 24th, so if you want to check out this new book, place a pre-order at your store so they can guarantee you a copy.

Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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