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Fanbase Press Interviews Chris Miller on His Comic Book, ‘The Infinite Toybox’

The following is an interview with Chris Miller, artist for the comic book series, The Infinite Toybox. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Miller about the inspiration for the series, the creative process of working with writer Mark Bartlett and editor Baris Unlu, what the team has planned for the continuation of the story, and more!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief: Congratulations on the release of your comic book, The Infinite Toybox!  For those unfamiliar with the story, how would you describe its premise?

Chris Miller: Thank you so much! The Infinite Toybox is a vibrant, all-ages, science fiction comedy reminiscent in tone to ’80s movies married to classic Saturday morning cartoons.

Joe and Sean Hill are a father and son who together run an unsuccessful comic and toy store going out of business. They both pray for a miracle to save their home and business. That night, an alien space craft crashes into their store, burning it to the ground. All hope is lost for Joe and Sean! The incompetent intergalactic delivery men aboard the space craft leave behind their most precious piece of cargo… THE INFINITE TOYBOX, a sentient games console that can utilise any part of the universe and any period of time to create life-like game scenarios.

On finding it, Joe and Sean’s curiosity gets the better of them and they get pulled into their first game… A distant future where intelligent mutant dinosaurs have been enslaved by a race of evil robot overlords! Along the way their bonds as father and son strengthen as they figure out how to survive the game, save their business and harness the limitless power of their own imaginations.

BD: What (or who) initially inspired you to create this story, and what do you hope that readers will take away from it?

CM: It’s inspired by our love of ’80s cartoons and films, and wanting to create something to put out into the world for people to enjoy.

Mark, the writer of the book, showed me this crude-looking comic he had created whilst experimenting with different art materials for his job in an art shop. I thought it was genius that he had created this thing, and for a laugh I did this drawing of my take on the two main characters, Sean and Joe. After showing him, we decided “Wow, we could actually make this.” Even now, I look at the original comic and I think it’s brilliant. We hope readers come away and are inspired to read more small press and independent comics and are inspired to create their own.

BD: How would you describe your creative process in working with your creative team?

CM: We have a very back-and-forth method of creating the book. Mark will script the story and pass it on to Baris for editing. I take that script and develop the storyboards, pencils, and inks. We then pass these on to Emma, the colourist, to work her magic and bring it all to life visually. Harry then letters the book and hands it back to me and Mark for final editing on the story and inserting the sound effects and any final SFX we feel will enhance the book to deliver a high quality and enjoyable read. The book is then formatted for print and digital by myself.  

BD: What are your future plans for the series, and when can readers anticipate the release of the next issue?

CM: We are currently working on the second issue which we are planning to release early next year. The third book is also being worked on with two other artists, Alan Steen and Philipp Bochkov, contributing to art duties which will be released alongside the second issue. We are planning on wrapping up the first arc in issue 4 which will be release end of 2018. We have also just been approved on Comixology’s Submit for the first issue so people can download and read the book digitally.

BD: Are there any additional projects that you are working on that you are able to share with readers?

CM: Mark is a singer in a pop punk band called Our lives in cinema (@ourlivesincinema), and you can follow Chris’s illustration’s on Instagram (@millercandraw). Chris is also working on covers for the writer of King Legacy Jay Frettingham’s new book, Arcane Faith.

BD: Lastly, what would you like to tell fans who want to learn more about The Infinite Toybox?

CM: You can find out more about us through our website at www.deadlyfoecomics.

We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @deadlyfoecomics.

You can now read the book digitally at ComiXolgy and Tapas or, of course, purchase a physical copy through our online store found on the website.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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