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The ‘PREVIEWS’ Party Podcast Interviews Royden Lepp, Creator of ‘Rust’

Do you like robots? How about Jet Packs? How about awesome stories about robots and jet packs?

If you answered yes to any and (Let’s be honest here.) more likely all of those questions, then you cannot miss this interview with writer and illustrator Royden Lepp about his incredible graphic novel series, Rust. Give it a listen below.


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If you enjoyed what Royden had to say about the series, you can get caught on Rust by checking out Volume 1 here and Volume 2 here. You can also pre-order the new Volume 3 coming out this May here. As always, if you enjoy learning more about all of the great, new books coming out each month, then check out The PREVIEWS Party Podcast on Fanboy Comics.

Jason Enright, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor


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