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Fanbase Press’ ‘Countdown to the Eisners’ 2021 – Comics Industry Professionals Discuss This Year’s Awards and Nominees

In light of the upcoming Eisner Awards, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon interviews various members of the comic book industry regarding their thoughts on the awards overall, as well as this year’s nominees.

Participants include Hannibal Tabu (Bleeding Cool, Komplicated, Humanoids’ MPLS Sound), Dr. Theresa Rojas (Director of The Latinx Comic Arts Festival, Graphic Medicine International Collective board member), Michael Dooley (2020 Will Eisner Comic Industry Awards judge, Loyola Marymount University professor), and Kevin Sharp (Fanbase Press’ “Between the Panels” Interview Series). Topics of discussion include the impact of the Eisner Awards, which awards category is the most interesting this year (and why), and which nominated title readers should definitely *not* pass up this year.


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