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Celebrating Fandoms Week 2021: Graphic Medicine – Building Empathy Through Storytelling

Panelists Matthew Noe (President – ALA GNCRT / Lead Collection & Knowledge Management Librarian – Countway Library, Harvard Medical School), Dr. Theresa Rojas (Professor – Modesto Junior College / Founding Director – The Latinx Comic Arts Festival), Jordan Hart (writer/illustrator – Fanbase Press’ Ripple Effects), and Mike Ahn and Seol Young Lee (creators – Out of Order) and moderator Barbra Dillon (Editor-in-Chief, Fanbase Press) discuss the importance of graphic medicine in comics and how these visual stories pertaining to the discourse of Medicine have allowed us to examine the essentials of human existence, to understand ourselves better, and to connect with one another through empathy and compassion

For more of Fanbase Press’ Celebrating Fandoms Week 2021, please visit The full panel schedule for the week may be found here.




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