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Celebrating Fandoms Week 2021: The Continuing Evolution of the ‘Alien’ Franchise in the Comic Book Medium

In light of Marvel’s first steps into the Alien franchise, Fanbase Press takes a look at the property’s evolution in the sequential art medium, from the original film’s adaptation by Walt Simonson in the pages of Heavy Metal, to the many contributions from Dark Horse Comics, all the way to the current Alien title being released by Marvel Comics. Panelists Phillip Kennedy Johnson (writer – Marvel’s Alien, House of El, Superman: Worlds of War), Barbara Randall Kesel (editor, Dark Horse’s Alien 3 adaptation, Aliens: Genocide, Aliens: Hive / writer – Aliens vs. Predator: Booty), and Livio Ramondelli (artist, IDW’s Transformers / writer and artist – The Kill Lock) and moderator Bryant Dillon (President, Fanbase Press) will examine why the Alien franchise has thrived so voraciously in comic book shops, conventions, and other comic-centric spaces.

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