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Celebrating Fandoms Week 2021: ‘Batman vs. Predator’ 30th Anniversary Retrospective Panel Discussion

Moderated by Bryant Dillon (President, Fanbase Press), this panel features Dave Gibbons (writer – Batman vs. Predator / artist – Watchmen, Give Me Liberty, Superior), Steven Prince (writer – Monster Matador, unemployANT / toy line developer – Puppy in My Pocket, Power Buggz), and Matt Corrigan (co-host – The Launchpad Podcast / practical special effects artist – Frank Miller’s 300, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice) will look back at one of the most iconic and well-received crossovers in the comic book medium – Batman vs. Predator – 30 years after its original release. Batman vs. Predator pitted the Dark Knight against the titular extraterrestrial hunter while enlisting some of the best comic book talent of the time, and this panel will examine the comic title’s characters, themes, impact, and more!

*Viewers interested in further interviews with Dave Gibbons about Batman vs. Predator should tune into The Launchpad Podcast (Twitter: @launchpadpod) with Matt Corrigan later this month!

For more of Fanbase Press’ Celebrating Fandoms Week 2021, please visit  The full panel schedule for the week may be found here.




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