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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Catching Up with Liam ‘The Brave and the Bold’ Sharp

Hey, Wonder Peeps! When Wonder Woman “Rebirth” rolled around, I was more than excited that Liam Sharp had been announced as the artist. I was a fan of Sharp’s since way back when he did work on The Hulk, Death’s Head, and his “adaption” of Frazetta’s Death Dealer with Glen Danzig.  After that, I thought that he left comics for greener pastures as many artists are wont to do. He was actually busy starting his own digital comics platform, Madefire.

Sharp killed it on Wonder Woman, giving her the top-quality, amazing art that she deserves. He drew the first year of Wonder Woman alongside fan-favorite Nicola Scott and under the writing helm of Greg Rucka. The book was amazing and really got readers excited about the book again. Wonder Woman never looked better.

I was super bummed to learn that his run on Wonder Woman was coming to an end, but I was super jazzed when I found out that he was moving on to another Wonder Woman project. Perhaps as a reward for such stellar work on the main title, Sharp was given a six-issue Wonder Woman series to draw. And write. Oh, and it has Batman in it, too!  Here is the premise: When a Celtic God is murdered, Princess Diana and the world’s greatest detective team up to get to the bottom of it.

Mostly known for his art, Sharp did an excellent job of weaving a suspenseful story full of action and intrigue. Comic book artists are essentially the “directors,” so I think this often gives them an upper hand when writing their own stories.  The Brave and the Bold: Batman and Wonder Woman was a success, and we all cheered for another amazing Wonder Woman series in the can. Now that the series has ended and the trade paperback has been solicited, let’s catch up with my friend and creator Liam Sharp to get some of his insights and reflections on the story.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy: How does it feel now that Brave and the Bold is over and the trade has been solicited?

Liam Sharp: I  spent so long dreaming of telling a story that featured Cernunnos and Irish mythological characters that it hardly seems like it actually happened! Once I had approval, I did an issue of Justice League then I was straight in, with a tight deadline and no time to think or second guess. But so much of it was a joy – and getting to write Batman as well as Diana? I’m still pinching myself!

MFT: How was your working process different than when working with a writer as opposed to drawing from your own script?

LS: It’s different because it’s scarier – everything rests on your shoulders. If it sucks, then it’s all my fault! Also, there’s not a team in the same way – not the same collaborative element, which in the case of working with Greg Rucka was huge fun and very rewarding. That said, I love to write as much as I love to draw, and it’s something I want to do much more of. I always have, but opportunities don’t come my way too often – at least not such high-profile ones!

MFT: I was completely blown away by how your art not only maintained its quality but really seemed to gain speed. How did you maintain the momentum throughout a pretty lengthy project?

LS: I had no choice! Deadlines are our friends. But I also wanted to make it count, so I worked long days (10 – 12 hours) and long weeks (7 days) and long months. Very little time out. I did a lot less procrastinating, too… this was a dream come true, labour of love deal. It needed the best I had to offer in the time frame.

MFT: Will you be putting on your writer’s cap again anytime soon?

LS:I hope so. After my 12 issues with Grant Morrison on The Green Lantern, I hope to return to the series. My intention has always been for it to be a trilogy. We just had to see if it sold OK first!

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule. Much further success!

Did you hear that? 12 issues of Grant Morrison and Liam Sharp on Green Lantern? Two of my favorite creators on such a cool book. I’ve see a preview of Sharp’s hyper-detailed art. It’s sci-fi Geiger gorgeous. Can’t wait for that!

All right. See you next week for another Wonder Woman Wednesday.  Follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzgeraldTroy).

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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