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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Conspiracy Theories for Chris Pine/Steve Trevor’s Return to ‘Wonder Woman 1984’

It’s the worst-kept secret in Hollywood that Chris Pine will reprise his role as Steve Trevor in the upcoming sequel to Wonder Woman. How could he not? His wholesome good looks and dazzling personality lit up the screen. Not to mention the amazing chemistry between Pine’s Trevor and Gal Gadot’s Princess Diana. You could definitely sense that the actors had a genuine affection for one another during their scenes.


Since the first film took place roughly 100 years ago, perhaps the filmmakers thought a dramatic death wouldn’t make much of a difference in the grand scheme of things.


While Diana is certainly not as bound to Steve Trevor as Superman is to Lois Lane, Trevor is certainly an important part of her mythos.  And with his playing such a major role in the first film and being tied so closely to the origin of Wonder Woman, it would be a shame to move forward without him. Luckily, as it has been confirmed that Pine will appear in the sequel (titled Wonder Woman 1984), we won’t have to.

So, how is that possible? The same question was asked of Chris Pine and director Patty Jenkins at San Diego Comic-Con last week, as they were there to debut the first footage of the new film (with Gal Gadot in tow, naturally).  The tight-lipped threesome offered no clues, coyly saying, “Wait and see.”

This leaves us to speculate, and I have a few ideas myself. Here are my top 3 conspiracy theories on how Chris Pine will return as Steve Trevor in WW ‘84.

  1. One theory being touted around is my least favorite. Much like in the Golden Age, it would be Steve Trevor’s grandson who would pick up where granddad left off, as Wonder Woman’s love interest. I’m sorry but… eeeeewwww! There’s just something creepy about it for sure.
  2. The Bermuda Triangle. This one makes the most sense to me. A pilot’s plane goes down in the water, and they travel through time and space? Oh yeah, sounds like the Bermuda Triangle to me, baby. We never really saw Steve Trevor die, per se. So, I suppose it’s possible. I’m terrible at geography. Is Themyscira near Bermuda? 
  3. Magic. Oh yes, sweet magic. It is rumored that Circe will be the second villain in the film due to a working title with magic in it. With her being a sorceress and one of Wonder Woman’s most insufferable foes, I can see her offering some crappy proposition to bring Steve back but with some twisting ultimate price to be paid attached to it.

And perhaps we lose him again? Oh, dear lord I hope not. He’s not a zombie. Or Jean Grey. You can only come back from the dead gracefully so many times. Maybe twice, if you’re humble about it. But death has less impact if it has a revolving door.

At any rate, I’m sure they’ll figure out a brilliant way to bring him back, and I’ll be there with star-spangled bells on, thrilled to bear witness.

Sequel fever continues. Be back next week for more Wonder Woman Wednesday.

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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