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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Wonder Woman ‘84?’

Greetings,  Wunderkind! This week, we have a couple of exciting Wonder Woman announcements to chat about.

First, it’s worth mentioning that Gal Gadot, our beloved reigning Wonder Woman, is featured in Maroon 5’s video for there latest single, “Girls Like You” (featuring Cardi B).  Gal has a brief, but memorable, appearance alongside a host of other wonderful woman. The song has a great pro-woman message and is definitely worth checking out.

And in other way more exciting news… with fans watering at the mouth, desperately waiting to devour the sequel to the blockbuster Wonder Woman flick, we have been thrown a morsel!

Geoff Johns released a teaser logo on his Twitter page last week with a glittery WW84 logo! This pretty much confirms the rumors swirling about that the movie would, indeed, take place in the ‘80s.

At first, I was like, “Say what?” but then I realized it makes perfect sense. I mean, the first film took place during in World War 1, so why rush to the present when there are so many other decades to explore. Thank god they retconned the poor choice of having Wonder Woman turn her back on mankind for 100 years. She would never do that! Duh!

Of course, being the disco, hippy, flower child that I am, I was slightly disappointed that they skipped the ’70s (my favorite decade).  Then, I realized that they pretty much already did that in the Lynda Carter TV series, and you really don’t want that comparison. Good on you, powers that be. One can’t help but feel they are riding the ’80s nostalgia wave brought on by the Stranger Things phenomenon, and that’s perfectly fine with me. The ’80s are totally awesome after all. Fer sure, fer sure. I can’t lie: There’s a big part of me that wants to see Gal with mall hair. The music and wardrobe will be worth the ticket price alone! I’m just curious to see how you can work shoulder pads into the costume.

Then, the overthinker in me thought, “Hmmmm… why 1984 to be exact?” Will there be an Orwellian undertone? I doubt it, but if anyone has a fan theory, please feel free to share.

Also worth noting is that Chris Pine will possibly/probably be back in some capacity. That’s good news, indeed. He and Gal had such an adorable chemistry in the first movie; it’d be a shame to not revisit it. Depending on how they do it, of course. Flashbacks wouldn’t be satisfying enough, I don’t think. It wouldn’t be very interesting to have Diana running around “pining” for her dead love, after all. Of course, we don’t know for a fact that he’s really dead, now do we? He could have fallen into the Bermuda Triangle or something, right?

Other speculation has Pine being kin to the original Steve Trevor. I find that a little creepy. I guess we’ll have to wait til November 1, 2019. What??? That’s like fricking forever! All right, Geoff Johns, throw us another bone, will ya!

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