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Wonder Woman Wednesday: My Little Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman fans can be pretty picky. Maybe picky isn’t the right word. Wonder Woman fans can be very specific. For some fans, there are only certain incarnations of Wonder Woman that are acceptable. The best example of this being, of course, “Lynda Carter is my only Wonder Woman.”  Now, I’m not in the position to really disagree with that opinion, as Lynda is the reason I fell in love with Wonder Woman, and she would absolutely be my favorite version of Wonder Woman if hard pressed to make a decision.

I would imagine that there’s a new generation of Wonder Woman fans that were introduced to her by way of Gal Gadot’s depiction in the Wonder Woman film. And, for them, she is the only Wonder Woman. That is perfectly fine; I adore Gal’s Wondy.

As an artist, creative person, and Wonder Woman lover, I tend to enjoy most and many versions of Wonder Woman (except the overly sexual depictions of her…yuck).  Of course, there are versions of Wonder Woman I prefer over others, but I try to find merit in all of them.  When DC introduced the line of DC Super Hero Girls toys and animated features, I was ecstatic. Their Wonder Woman is super cool and thoughtful in the translation of an adolescent Diana and definitely a positive move to give girls and boys a positive role model.

I was also excited to hear that the line was getting a reboot and completely blown away by the preview art. DC has enlisted Lauren Faust to spearhead the re-up of its popular cartoon. Faust is known for her successful revival of the My Little Pony franchise. I may not be a “Bronie,” but I can dig it. As you can see from the preview art (above), it shares the distinctive quirkiness in the new Little Ponies. I couldn’t help but think people will love this or hate this. I, for one, chose love. I can’t wait for the new series coming to Cartoon Network, nd I really can’t wait for the line of toys to follow.

Ahhh… I miss Saturday Morning Cartoons.

Be sure to check out the new DC Super Hero Girls reboot on Cartoon Network and come back next week for more Wonder Woman Wednesday.  Follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzTroy), too!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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