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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Lynda Carter Makes an Appearance on ‘Megyn Kelly’

Hey, readers! Happy Wonder Woman Wednesday. Lynda Carter is all over the place these days. I’m happy to see during Wonder Woman’s “Rebirth” that Lynda is having something of a rebirth herself.

Looking fabulous as ever, ’70s

Wonder Woman icon Lynda Carter recently received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, released a new album titled Red Rock N’ Blues (Carter has been a cabaret jazz singer for years.), and is starring in Sooper Troopers 2 which comes out this Friday. Lynda was on NBC Megyn Kelly Today yesterday to talk about her upcoming films and other topics of relevance about her life and career. (You know I must be a die-hard fan for Lynda Carter to get me to watch daytime television.) Anyway, if you missed it, I watched it for you.

Lynda Carter looked statuesque and beautiful as ever appearing on Megyn Kelly.  The set was scattered with images of Lynda throughout her career, but mainly Wonder Woman, for which she is most widely recognized.  It’s easy to see why Lynda left Hollywood to focus on her family for a few years. With so many qualities that she shares with Wonder Woman herself, she seems way too genuine and down to earth to fall for the trappings of Hollywood fame.

Megyn greeted Lynda warmly, admitting she was a big fan. Lynda, in turn said, she was a big fan of Kelly’s. Covering a lot of territory, Lynda talked about what it was like to be a woman in showbiz in the ’70s. A camera man on the set of Wonder Woman was once caught drilling a hole in Carter’s dressing room so he could spy on her. She also talked about how women were afraid and didn’t have much of a choice but to take poor treatment in Hollywood back in the day for fear of ruining their careers.

Lynda lauded Megyn for being an important voice in the #metoo movement, standing up against a certain someone who relentlessly bullied her during and after an interview, wryly staring at the camera without naming any names.

Of course, the possibility of her being in the sequel to Wonder Woman came up. Claiming to be “soul sisters” with Wonder Woman film director Patty Jenkins and titular star Gal Gadot, she said that Patty had some ideas, but it was up to Warner Bros. if they wanted to pay for it. With the global success of the first movie, getting Carter to appear in the sequel would be chump change. With fans clamoring for Lynda and Gal to appear side by side on the silver screen, and Carter willing to do it, I think the real question is can Warner Bros. afford not to have her in it?

Carter talked of singing with her daughter who’s an actress and a lawyer. She also talked about being lucky to have good men who respected women in her life in her husband and son.

Lynda made a terrific statement against the shallowness, cruelty, and scrutiny women are under for the way they dress or the way they look, saying, “Women are women, and men need to just get over it.”

It was great to see two powerful women talk about such important issues. Okay, so maybe I do watch talk television… sometimes.

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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