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Wonder Woman Wednesday: The Cheetah Cometh!

Hello, readers! Wow! This is good time to be a comic book geek at this years Oscars: the shout-out to John Romita Jr. and Len Wein, recognition for Black Panther, Gal Gadot presenting with Armie Hammer, Jimmy Kimmel giving Wonder Woman props. As disappointing as it was that Wonder Woman wasn’t nominated (despite my bias . . . I thought it was a really good, well-done film.), I think the Wonder Love was there. The sequel seems so agonizingly far away.

Speaking of the sequel – rumors have been buzzing about Cheetah being in Wonder Woman 2! I hope to Hera this is true. I really wanted her in the first movie, but looking at the bigger picture, if the character is done right, she could be a real scene stealer and that may have distracted from the attention of Wonder Woman in her origin. She’ll make a bigger splash next time around. Can we possibly hope for a Cheetah as well rounded and scary as Heath Ledger’s Joker? Probably not. Either way, I can’t wait to see what Patty Jenkins does with the character.
Apparently, there is speculation that Kristen Wiig is up for the part. I’m sure a lot of people feel she’s not right for the part, because she’s too funny. Anyone who saw The Skeleton Twins with her and Bill Hader would know what amazing range she has. And as a comedian, let me tell you the best jokes come from the darkest places of your soul.  And as far as sex appeal. Really? Aren’t we a little past that at this stage in the game? I want a Cheetah you can sink your teeth into! The tortured archaeologist Barbra Minerva. Something between Perez and Rucka’s version would be just fine. Although, the gay, campy side of me wouldn’t mind the Priscilla Rich version, but we certainly don’t need a Hooters waitress.
I just read Cheetah’s first appearance in Wonder Woman #6 (from the ’40s), and let me tell you it is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s so over the top, ripe with Marston’s bondage exploration, ridiculous plot twists, and Etta Candy’s stereotypically scarfing down a sandwich. Ah, yes a not so endearing throw back to yesteryear, but entertaining nonetheless. And I love H.G. Peter’s art work so much. Really beautiful line work and a sort
romantic, dreamy smile. What I wouldn’t give for an original.

So, keep your claws crossed for the sequel. And I really want Marc Andreyko’s Wonder Woman ‘77 disco-singing Silver Swan in part 3. Hey, if the sequel can take place in the ’80s, why can’t WW 3 take place in the ’70s? And don’t even think about hating on the ’70s.

All right, I’m going to go outside and do twirls. See you next week! Follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzTroy).

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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