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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Wonder Woman: The Animated Series’

So, where is it? Where is Wonder Woman’s animated series? We’ve had several Batman and Superman cartoons. Batman: The Animated Series was such a game changer as far as superhero cartoons are concerned. I think it’s safe to say that the series did for cartoons what Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns did for comics. Clearly, that paved the way for Superman Adventures and several iterations of Justice League cartoons. But, where is the Wonder Woman solo animated series?

Sure, we’ve had appearances by Diana in Justice League and others. She did get an animated feature that I consider one of the most well-done DC animated features to date, but we want a weekly cartoon. It never ceases to amaze me how long Wonder Woman has been around and how very little she has been fleshed out as a character. I realize that with characters like the holy trinity, you can’t deviate too much from the status quo, but with Wonder Woman, you don’t even need to do that. She has an amazing rogue’s gallery, an amazing origin (I refuse to accept the new 52 origin.), and countless fascinating members of her supporting cast. The relationship with her mother, the Amazons, and “man’s world” would definitely be fun to see explored weekly in the animated arena.

In the year of the woman, with Wonder Woman’s popularity at an all-time high, I think it’s long overdue for an animated series . . . and a series on the CW . . . and a soap opera, and a musical . . . and a, oh wait – I’m getting carried away. But, you get my point. What the world needs now is an animated Wonder Woman series!

Until then, we’ll see you next week. Be sure to check out our sister Facebook page, “I Am Wonder Fan,” and follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzTroy).

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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