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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Oprah 

Hope. That is one of my favorite things about Wonder Woman. She is a symbol of hope for a good today and a better tomorrow. Wonder Woman doesn’t give up; she always fights the good fight, no matter how hopeless and dire the situation may be – without question, without hesitation.

The Golden Globes ceremony held on January 7th was also an example of hope. (As much as I like the Golden Globes, you can’t help but feel it is just a self-congratulatory night of butt-kissing.)  But, things were different this year. All of the stars wore black in solidarity of and support for the victims of sexual harassment or assault. The focus on women was clear, and you could definitely feel the woman power vibe. The shift is real this time.

I almost peed my pants when Gal Gadot and the Rock presented an award together. Gal looked stunning as always and was just as charismatic. The awards were definitely off to a good start. The earth-shattering moment came when Oprah Winfrey received the Cecil B. DeMille Award for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment. I figured she would give an eloquent, inspiring speech, but I was not prepared for the epic speech that she delivered.

It’s no surprise to regular readers of this column that I focus a lot on feminist issues. I was fearful for women as their place in society looked like it was on its way to being diminished further by the political climate of the country. What a step backwards. How awful. How depressing. How could this happen?

When the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke and the flood gates poured open, it was a powerful moment that has changed everything. Women are speaking up. Women are fighting harder than ever for the equality they deserve. Women are taking their rightful place in society.

Oprah’s speech was inspirational and meaningful. It gave us something that we, as a country, haven’t had for a while and something we desperately needed. When she passionately exclaimed a new day is on the horizon, I felt it to the core of my being. There’s no doubt Oprah is definitely a real-life Wonder Woman. Naturally, buzz started about Oprah being President, and #Oprah2020 is trending. If anyone can lead with potential for effective and meaningful change, it’s Oprah.

Only time will tell if Oprah will run for President or not. I’m just happy she gave us something we can’t live without: hope.

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