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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as “confidence in one’s own worth or abilities; self-respect.” Self-esteem is an important key to success and happiness that hopefully everyone’s parents imbue their children with when they are young.

My mom always told me how special, talented, and beautiful I was my whole life. She definitely tried to instill in me a strong sense of self-worth and self-love. Unfortunately, my mother herself had horrible self-esteem, having been a “chubby” child and a victim of abuse. This made her feel ugly and unwanted and insecure. I wish some of that negative self-perception didn’t wear off on me, but it did. I, like her, grew up with a dueling sense of self-love and self-loathing. One of my friends told me they never knew someone who could equally love and hate themselves at the same time. Well, I always wanted to be a trailblazer.

So, what does self-esteem have to do with Wonder Woman? Quite a bit, actually. I was surfing YouTube the other day, and I found an interview clip with Gal Gadot talking about her mother giving her good self-esteem and wanting to pass it on to her daughters.  I think Gal is such a perfect example of how good self-esteem makes you and everyone around you better. She radiates kindness, love, and compassion. She’s so warm and inviting. I think I have a little crush! I haven’t had a crush like this since . . . Lynda Carter!

Now, when I say self-esteem, I don’t want you to confuse it with self-absorbtion. People running around telling everyone how great and #BLESSED they are and taking a million selfies with duck lips and filters for days isn’t an example of good self-esteem; it’s quite the opposite, actually. I think narcissism and insecurity go hand in hand. Personally, I think those types of behaviors are people with very low-self esteem.  A sad side effect of the “age of entitlement,” perhaps?

I think part of the reason Gal is so perfect as Wonder Woman is because they both share that kind of magnetic self-confidence that one aspires to have themselves. Diana, like Gal, was raised by her mother Hippolyta to have good self-esteem. Interesting that she grew up on an island with no men or other children to tear down her self-esteem or self-worth. But that seems like a whole other column entirely. Just another reason why Wonder Woman is such a powerful role model for boys and girls everywhere.  I don’t know a girl (or boy) alive that doesn’t burst with self-confidence after donning a tiara or bracelets. She was raised with love, to love herself and others with the respect that everyone deserves.

RuPaul always says, “If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love anyone else?” Despite the humor, there is so much truth in that.

My partner’s mother said it very eloquently, so I am going to borrow her words:

“Self-esteem refers to how you feel about yourself overall – how much positive regard or self-love you have. Self-esteem develops from experiences and situations that have shaped how you view yourself today. When you love yourself, your self-esteem improves, which makes you more confident. When you are confident in areas of your life, you begin to increase your overall sense of esteem. You can work on both at the same time. Self-confidence and self-esteem work together.”  -Marlene G.

Thanks, Mrs. G. I don’t think I could have said it any better than that.

So, raise your head high, fellow Amazons! Kick butt and take names. And enjoy yourself while you do it! How’s your self-esteem?

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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