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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Liam Sharp to the Rescue!

Hi, Wonder readers! Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and we certainly do have a lot to be thankful for in the Wonder World! Justice League debuted as the number one movie over the weekend, and it should be no surprise that many are reporting that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman steals the show, and the best scenes are the ones with her in them. (Duh!) Further proof and a reminder to DC that Wonder Woman is their new cash cow and arguably the most important property in the entire DC Universe. And you better treat her right!

Wonder Woman is white hot right now and deservedly so. With all of the girl power and women rallying like Amazons to fight for their position of equality and respect in a male-dominated world, it makes perfect sense that Wonder Woman would be at the heart of it all. Wonder Woman is a shining example of a powerful character with the right message and motives resonating with so many people on so many different levels.

A common complaint about Wonder Woman is that her presence in the comic world is hit or miss. In the past, it seemed like unless someone who really cared about the character had a vested interest in expanding her story, Wonder Woman was relegated to newcomers, fill-in issues, and throwaway storylines.

As much as I loved Greg Rucka’s Rebirth relaunch of Wonder Woman featuring the incomparable art and heart of Liam Sharp, there was one certain thing that terrified me about it: that it would come to an end. And it did. And the book did lose its momentum. But all is not lost.

Don’t call it a comeback!

DC announced last week that super-star artist Liam Sharp would be resurrecting The Brave and the Bold in the form of a six-issue mini-series featuring Batman and DC’s new it girl.  I may have blacked out, done a cartwheel, or sobbed in the corner like a maniac upon hearing the news! (Probably an awkward compilation of the three.)

Thank the gods! Diana is the most important thing going on at DC comics right now, and she should be celebrated as much as possible during her recent renaissance! I wouldn’t be disappointed if she became the new “Wolverine” of the DC Universe. Five monthly titles and dozens of crossovers and guest appearances? No problem! I think Wonder Woman has more potential and uncharted territory than so many characters that have been around for 75 years.

Also fitting is the fact that DC is rewarding mega-star Liam Sharp by letting him write and draw this series. We should remember that DC has a history of turning over books to amazing artists and letting them take a crack at the writing aspect, often to much success. A lot of artists make amazing writers because it’s so much a part of what they do anyway. Storytelling is just as much writing as anything else, and Liam is a master of it. Not to mention the preview art looks amazing!

We only have to wait until February for the return of The Brave and the Bold featuring Batman and Wonder Woman. The story is said to be surrounding Wonder Woman enlisting the aid of the world’s greatest detective in solving the murder of an Irish god. The preview art looks amazing, and I can’t wait to see Liam strut writing his chops on what will surely be a smash hit and another labor of love for him.

The fans have always known and the rest of the public are starting to wake up. We want Wonder Woman! So, please give us more! And make it as pleasing and exciting as The Brave and the Bold is sure to be!

I guess that’s it for this week, everyone! Have a great and safe holiday, and we’ll see you here next week for some wore Wonder shenanigans. In the meantime, be sure to check out our sister page “I Am Wonder Fan” over on Facebook book and follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzTroy).

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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