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Wonder Woman Wednesday: My Sister and Real-Life Wonder Woman, Kelly Jo Zawierucha

Greetings, readers! I. Since I’ve been doing a few recurring stories on real-life Wonder Women, I’ve been dying for the chance to spotlight my baby sister. We’re very close. She’s funny, smart, beautiful, and somewhat of a fan girl. So, without further ado, here’s my chat with my sister Kelly.

Michael Fitzgerald Troy:  Sister! Thanks for doing this interview with me! Aside from being gorgeous and fabulous, can you tell my readers who you are and what you’re all about?

Kelly J. Zawierucha: Hey! Well who I am and what I’m about is kind of tricky, but I’m a Midwest girl who’s lived in Ohio most of my life. I’m in the financial services world by day, and by night I’ve been focusing on my hobbies and fitness again. I recently took up with a trainer (I love to bike ride, too.), I’m getting the Toledo Irish American Club rolling again, and I’ve been focusing on music taking tenor banjo lessons for over a year now. I’m also an avid movie goer, reader, and have certain shows I HAVE to keep up on.
MFT: You go, fan girl! How did you get involved in the Irish Club, and what drew you to it?

KJZ:  I’ll start with what drew me to it. Part of our heritage is Irish, so I’ve always been drawn to the culture. And years ago, the club used to have a festival annually that I would attend. One year, they kept announcing on stage that they were looking for new members and that they held meetings. I started attending the meetings and was quickly asked to be an officer. Non-profit groups love to pounce on eager able-bodies. The club eventually went dormant for awhile back in 2008, but the community and music is what has brought me back to putting in the efforts to resurrect it. I have an absolute love for the music, and I have forged some of the best friendships and met some of the best people in amazing ways through this community, all because of joining the club way back when.

MFT: Cool! (Said in Dad’s voice.) After playing sax for so long, what made you want to learn to play a banjo?

KJZ: Well, like I said, I love Irish music. Towards the end of 2015, I reached out to a local Irish musician about the bódhran (Irish drum). We met and she gave me some tips but also mentioned she taught fiddle and tenor banjo (4 string). I have always LOVED the banjo. The sound is amazing, and there’s been somewhat of a resurgence of the banjo in pop culture with bands like The Avett Brothers and Mumford and Sons being popular. There are a lot of really popular Irish bands that have a good focus on the banjo, too, which I’m totally digging. Plus, the banjo just speaks to my heart. I bought my banjo last April and have been taking weekly lessons since.

MFT: Remember watching He-man and She-ra together? It was so awesome. Do you think Prince Adam has come out of the closet yet?

KJZ: Of course, I remember. I always thought Skeletor was more in the closet. You know, with the whole, “Look at me, I’m so evil but really just bitter because I truly want to unleash my fabulousness” schtick.

MFT: OMG, that’s hilarious. So, since this is Wonder Woman Wednesday, let’s turn out attention there. I know you’re a fan of Wonder Woman, but not to the absurd level I am, but a fan nonetheless. How much of a fan would you say you are?

KJZ: I’m a pretty big fan insofar as what she represents. She’s not afraid to own who she is, tap into her strengths, and use them. I think a lot of people associate feminism to Wonder Woman. And trust me, I’m a feminist, but I always just looked at her more as a humanitarian. She just wants good to prevail.  I didn’t read the comics, so I am flying a little ignorant here, so maybe my opinion is off. And my Wonder Woman like so many was Linda Carter. And trust me I was very open to welcoming a new generation of Wonder Woman, but to me Gal Gadot is just okay. Her fight scenes are amazing, but she doesn’t draw me in. I feel no true substance from her performance. I actually appreciated Robin Wright’s role the most in the movie.

MFT: I’m a little disappointed you weren’t a fan of Gal as Wonder Woman. I was completely on the fence (mostly because of my devotion to Lynda), but she really won me over. I thought she brought the awe and wonder that Lynda brought to the role, but I  really loved the playfulness and feistiness she brought to the character.  Did you have a problem with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor? Or are you hopelessly devoted to Lyle Waggoner?  

KJZ : Well, I know my opinion is not the popular one and this is not a gender thing where I don’t like the woman and think all the guys are dreamy and great. Not at all. Hence my explanation and answers above. And while she’s playful and feisty, it’s because that’s what was written in the script, but again, her delivery was flat to me. I also thought the story between her and Steve Trevor was a huge rip off of what happened between Captain America and Peggy Carter in Captain America: The First Avenger. During that storyline, I kept thinking, “We’ve been here before with other characters.”

MFT: Remember my obsession with Robin Wright (Antiope) when she played Kelly Capwell on the long-since-gone soap opera, Santa Barbara? Didn’t you watch that with me?

KJZ: You know I did! You were right to be obsessed with her; she’s had a great career and it’s deserved.

MFT: Well, you’re kind of an Amazon yourself. Didn’t you do some sort of Tawanda Warrior Woman’s retreat where you were shooting with bows and arrows and throwing around a tomahawk?

KJZ: I did do an Outdoor Women Event last year where you were able to choose among all kinds of activities. I did Tomahawk throwing, stand up paddle boarding, fishing, and shot and loaded a Pennsylvania rifle (long rifle). I LOVED the Tomahawk throwing and will continue on with that. I was also in ROTC in college and that was a cool experience, as well, that I wish I would’ve kept on with.

MFT: I know you’re currently on the market. Let’s pimp you out a little. What qualities do you look for in a man?

KJZ: The qualities that I look for a man…’s not that I have a laundry list, per se, but I’ve come to find that I need a intellectual nerdy guy that’s into similar interests. We gotta be able to converse and laugh. I need a guy that is an equal. You know, someone where I can take the wheel but he definitely can at times, too. I need a strong guy in that area. I would not be able to suffer a couch potato. I need someone that likes to go and do.

MFT: So, part of the reason I’m doing this “Real-Life Wonder Women” series is that I love and cherish my bond with a lot of amazing women, especially you. In your opinion, what defines a “Real-Life Wonder Woman?”

KJZ:  Wonder Woman is a lot of what our mom instilled in me. Never take crap from others, stand up for yourself, don’t rely on a man, be able to stand on your own two feet, help others whenever possible, be kind, and not afraid to talk to others and offer a compliment. 

MFT: Well, I think that about wraps it up! Is there anything else you want to plug or share with our readers?

KJZ: Nope! Thanks for making me part of your blog!  

Well, that about wraps it up for this week’s Wonder Woman Wednesday. See you next week and be sure to check out our sister Facebook page, “I Am Wonder Fan,” and please follow me on Instagram (@MichaelFitzTroy).

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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