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Wonder Woman Wednesday: WWW Goes to Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con 2017

Hey, Wonder Warriors! Just a quick note to let you know that I will be on a panel at Stan Lee’s L.A. Comic Con. The panel is called “Wonder Woman 2017: The Film That Started a New Generation,” and it will take place on Saturday, October 28th, at 1 p.m. in Room 406AB. We’ll be discussing the effect of the Wonder Woman film. I hope to see you there! If not, I will fill you in on all of the details in next week’s Wonder Woman Wednesday.

My fellow panelists will be:

Steven L. Sears (director/producer/writer Xena)
Tamara Brooks (writer for CBR, Geek and Sundry)
Dani Fernandez (HyperRPG host, Fullscreeen writer, WW historian)
Kim Horcher (host for Nerd Alert, The Young Turks)
Michael D’Alessio (co-host of Marvel booths, owner of ComiXcruise)

The panel will be moderated by Jessica Tseang.

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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