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Wonder Woman Wednesday: An Interview with Super Fan and ‘Wonder Woman’ Artist Robert Yealock

Hi, Wonder boys and girls! Welcome back to another Wonder Woman Wednesday! We continue our series of spotlights on “real” Wonder Women and Men, and this week we have an interview with artist and super fan Robert Yealock.

I suppose I met Robert around two years on Facebook. I had joined a bunch of WW groups in hopes of meeting more Wonder-minded people, and boy did I! The thing that caught my eye with Robert was that he was always posting self-drawn pictures of Wonder Woman. I always found them delightful and endearing. The major George Perez influence was evident, with a dash of Phil Jimenez thrown in for good measure. Make no mistake, Robert definitely has his own style and will often throw in a Catwoman or Batman just to mix things up!

The other thing about Robert is that he has a major Wonder Woman collection. I was delighted for the chance to chat with Robert and pick his brain a little bit… so here we go!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy: Thanks for the interview! When did you first fall in love with Wonder Woman?

Robert Yealock: I saw her on Superfriends and I liked her…but then saw Lynda..and lost my mind!!

MFT: What does she mean to you?

RY: She means everybody is equal: Gay… straight…white…black..we are all equal.

MFT: Team Gal or Team Lynda?

RY: Love Team Gal….but my heart will always belong to Team LYNDA.

MFT: You also have quite the Wonder Woman collection. Can you estimate how many items you have?

RY: God no! I have storage sheds…under my drawers. I have tons of different things..and I love them all!

MFT: I know it’s difficult to say, but what are your three favorite pieces?

RY: Lynda mego.12″..Lynda cater as WW statue..and bust..from DC.

MFT: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on an item?

RY: A book from Japan: the photo guide to Wonder Woman was $500.00, but I had to have it.

MFT: What did you think of the movie?

RY: I friggin’ loved the movie. Can’t wait for DVD, so I can watch it everyday!

MFT: How many times did you cry? (I think mine was 3.)

RY: 3 times. As she ran across no man’s land, I cried with the pride. Then, when Steve dies….so sad!

MFT: Any favorite parts?

RY: My favorite parts were the Themyiscara scenes..loved them!

MFT: Anything you wish would have been done differently?

RY: Only an ass-kicking costume transformation..via the magic lasso!

MFT: I forgot to ask a very important question: I love all of the Wonder Woman art you post. When did you start drawing? Is WW your favorite thing to draw?

RY: I started drawing when I first watched Superfriends, because back then you could only see her on Saturday mornings, so I had to draw my own pictures of her. And yes, I’d rather draw WW than anything else in the world!

MFT: Thanks so much Robert! I wish you much success in your art and collecting endeavors! Thank you for being a “Wonder” friend!

I hope you enjoyed a peek at a real-life Wonder Man and super fan Robert Yealock. I really enjoyed the insight! The featured art (above) is Robert’s major homage to the massive, hard-to-find Wonder Woman poster by George Perez. It blew me away!

That’s a wrap for this week. Be sure to come back next week for another exciting edition of Wonder Woman Weekly!  Also check out our sister site, “I Am Wonder Fan,” on Facebook and pretty please follow me on Instagram (@michaelfitztroy)!

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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