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Wonder Woman Wednesday: How Wonder Woman Turned Her Back on Mankind and Why She’ll Do It Again!

Hello, Wonder Warriors! Some of the dust has settled from the powerhouse that was Wonder Woman dominating the box office throughout the middle of the summer and 1) being the biggest opening for a female-directed movie, 2) having an amazing word-of-mouth buzz and overperforming beyond anyone’s expectations, and 3) darn right living up to the hype by being arguably the best superhero movie ever! So, I think it’s ripe time to pick the movie apart a little or at least take a closer look at some of the aspects of it. Let me be clear… I LOVED THIS FILM! Gal Godot rules! She is rightly the new bearer of the tiara! That said, we are going to look more at story aspects or the lack there of – meaning that it didn’t answer a few questions I thought would be rightly explained.

Remember in BVS, Diana returned after a hundred-year self-appointed exile, turning her back on mankind? So, I guesstimate she helped America win WWI. Fought crime? Bad guys? Secret government missions? Before peacing out and turning her back on man’s world… Because?

Spoilers Below

Because what? They don’t deserve it? (Can’t say I blame her, more on that later.) But, is that really the excuse? Is that really the answer? Did I miss the boat on a better explanation? I thought for sure that would be part of the film.

Now, playing devil’s advocate, I could say that while the film ended with Diana in the present, that was only after fast forwarding from the past, most of which the movie took place in. That might have made the story too top heavy.

Maybe Zack Snyder will answer that question in the forthcoming Justice League film. Boy, am I looking forward to that!

It’s interesting to note that the latest trailer from Comic-Con was very Wonder Woman filled to my delight, as she was still in a box office whirlwind. And it really is a blessing that we have Gal back in Justice League before the next Wonder Woman which is likely in pre-production and has a release date of 2019. Ugh, that seems so far away!

Okay, so if Wonder Woman was disappointed in mankind a century ago, how must she feel in this chaotic modern society? I guess it’s a good thing her adventures take place in a fictional world, no? It’s a sad thought. I won’t get all political. I think while people still keep waking up; we grow in strength. I still have faith in mankind, I just want a better showing. Let’s pray Wonder Woman finds reason to stick around for a while longer this time.

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