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Wonder Woman Wednesday: How Lynda Carter Could Co-Star in ‘Wonder Woman 2’

I know. I know. Here I go again, rambling incessantly about my childhood idol, Lynda Carter.  I know. I know. Here I go again, offering unsolicited advice to the Wonder Woman filmmakers about how they should handle the film and subsequent sequels. So, here I go, here I go, here I go again!

I already wrote a piece on how Lady Gaga could be cast in WW 2. If they used Marc Andreyko’s club diva version from Wonder Woman ’77, it would be a no-brainer. With all the little monsters rushing to support Lady Gaga, she could support more than half the box office. And the other half? Why Lynda Carter, of course!

When the Wonder Woman film was announced, Lynda Carter fans petitioned for Lynda to have a part in the movie. Apparently, there were discussions behind closed doors. They offered Lynda little more than a cameo. She said she’d only appear if they gave her a more meaningful role. With either side unwilling to bend, Carter opted out. Supposedly, it was also a scheduling issue, but you choose what to believe.

Now that the movie has blessedly been bestowed upon us, I can’t help but reluctantly agree that while I would have loved for LC to play Queen Hippolyta, it would have been a huge mistake. It would have been utterly distracting and would take you right out of the movie. I’d rather hold out for a juicier role than a throwaway Stan Lee cameo. Not to say I don’t love me a good Stan Lee cameo. How could you not?

How the heck could Lynda be the villain? And why would that be a good idea? Diana is an ambassador, scientist, and wildlife conservationist. It makes perfect sense she would be friends with scientist/archaeologist Barbara Ann Minerva. Hobbled and aging, Barbara wants what every “Looker” from yesteryear covets: beauty and youth. It makes sense as she could elicit Diana’s help to hunt down the Ugatara plant that contains the herb necessary to perform the Cheetah transformation blood ritual. (Wow! That’s a mouthful!)

And how is this possible? As playing the Cheetah would take a little more physicality than Lynda’s prepared to commit to? I mean she did a lot of her own stunts in the Wonder Woman television series, but fans expect a lot more in the post-Matrix world we live in. Or do we! Well, my fellow Wonder fanatics, I have three little capital letters for you…  C…G…I..! And cue the collective moan of disappointment.

Look at Mark Ruffalo as The Incredible Hulk. I’d say they pulled that off with an epic degree of success. I have no doubt Lynda could ace the role, break the box office (Again!), and please all different types of Wonder fans around the world.

Please, Patty Jenkins, you’re my only hope. It may be too late for WW 2, but let’s put it in motion for WW 3. It’s not too late, and it’s the perfect opportunity to reunite the trinity of strength and femininity that overwhelmed the red carpet at the Wonder Woman Hollywood premiere. Clearly, there was an instant bond of love and respect. I think Lynda may have a twinge of regret for not being able to move her busy schedule. Being an award-winning video game voice-over actress for years is another point in Lynda’s favor. Not that anyone needs to be sold on the original, ageless, Amazon beauty.

Could you imagine Gal and Lynda in the same movie? I don’t think that I could take it, ’cause it took so long to make it. And we’ll never have the Vance to make it……AGAIN!!! But I digress.. They both have such charisma and become the focus of your attention when they appear onscreen. Imagine if they were together? Mine eyes are welling with pools of tears of hope and joy!

Phil Jimenez, Marc Andreyko, Liam Sharp, Nicola Scott: If you are reading this, as you are all major Lynda Carter fanatics, it is your bond and duty to communicate my message to Patty Jenkins. I know you have the power to annoy her for me. You know this wouldn’t suck. This is the answer people… the Deus Ex Machina!!!
Okay, that’s the end of my mini rant. But if we’re going to make progress, we must be heard and vigilant. Sometimes, unfortunately, you’re not heard unless you yell! Holla!

Meet me back here for another exciting installment of Wonder Woman Wednesday! In the meantime, check out our sister page, “I Am Wonder Fan!”

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