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Wonder Woman Wednesday: The Pros Speak Out about ‘Wonder Woman’

Hi, Wonder peeps! We’re only a few days away from the long-awaited release of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman film.

On one hand, the anticipation is killing me, and I am super excited to see it. On the other hand, I’m caustic… what if it’s a turkey? What if it’s awful? What if it just doesn’t come together and I’m disappointed? 

Luckily, I have every reason to believe it’s far from a turkey. All the trailers look absolutely breathtaking. From the action, to the sets, to the costumes, effects, acting, and well pretty much everything – there is not one thing that gives me pause about everything we have seen in the trailers.

To further assuage my fears and hesitation, the film had its Hollywood premiere Thursday night at the legendary Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. In addition to the attendance of the cast, many a comic creator that had a major contribution to the mythos was invited.

Now, this is the real litmus test for me. Their stamp of approval is almost as important to me as my own opinion of the film. These are the people who forged Diana’s way to the silver screen in some way, shape, or form – putting forth some of their creative essence, lending a piece of themselves to contribute to the legendary Wonder Woman.

Legendary cartoonist and a name long associated with Wonder Woman Trina Robbins had this to say: “When the screen lit up for the start of the Wonder Woman film at the Thursday night premiere, a woman in the audience yelled out, ‘I’ve waited all my life for this!’  Well, me too.  Gal Gadot looks the part; she is Mediterranean, with a good Mediterranean shnoz, rather than that perky, turned-up nose we see in all too many of the drawings of our Amazon princess.  The costuming was excellent, although I had a problem believing that Amazons would wear wedgies.  The sets and art direction got 5 stars, even better than the costuming, which got only 4 3/4 stars because of said wedgies. The Amazon village on Themiscyra looked exactly as a real Amazon village would look that had been in existence for 2,000 years. I LOVED Etta Candy!  Trina sez 2 thumbs up.”

Voice-over actress best known for her classic take on Wonder Woman for the beloved Hanna-Barbera Super Friends cartoon had this to say: “The classic Pantages Theatre held the premiere for a classy superhero to be seen bigger than life. I was hesitant to see it for fear it would not live up to this wonderful comic book creation. It was beautifully done, great cinematography, editing, casting, directing. Many kudos to all who were involved.  I am proud to have been chosen to be her original voice.”

Another stamp of approval came from Nicola Scott. Nicola basically got into comics because of her love of Wonder Woman and just ended an epic run on Wonder Woman Rebirth with writer Greg Rucka. Nicola turned to social media for this statement: “2 1/2 hours of Wonder Woman Perfection. Patty, Gal, and Chris really deliver an extraordinary movie. Charm, wit, and heart.”

Wonder Woman ’77 writer Marc Andreyko also said on social media, “Gal Gadot is a lovely, gracious, stunningly beautiful person who carries on the mantle of Wonder Woman beautifully.”

And perhaps one of the most glowing recommendations of them all? If Phil Jimenez likes it, it can’t be that bad. “Smiling ear to ear. Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, (and) Geoff Johns. They did it– They really did it.”

Cue the choral music, as I am bathed in relief! Although I’m sure I’ll have my strong opinions about the film (which I will barrage you with next week!), it does give me relief knowing that some of my idols approve of the portrayal of our beloved and common idol.

Only a few more days, Amazons! Feel free to head over to the I Am Wonder Fan Page and share your opinion on the Wonder Woman film. See you next Wednesday.

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