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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Is the ‘Wonder Woman’ Movie Getting Enough Hype?

It’s hard to believe we’re just a few short weeks away from the release of the Wonder Woman film. And not too long ago, it was hard to believe there even was a Wonder Woman film.

It seems there’s some buzz concerning whether or not Wonder Woman is getting her fair share of marketing. A lot of people are saying that movies like Batman V Superman got way more PR and marketing, and that’s because it had male leads. Other people think that our Gal is getting plenty of PR.

And, what do I think? Well, while I’m all for as much Wonder Woman as we can get any time, I think there’s a fair amount of publicity for the film. I mean, it’s not like no one has heard of it. They must be doing something right, because people certainly seem excited to see it.

But, you know what? At the end of the day, I don’t think it matters all that much.  Through no fault of her own, Wonder Woman was the best thing about BvS and largely considered its breakout star. And furthermore, if it’s a good movie, it won’t need marketing overkill. People will see it. They will come in droves, and they will tell everyone how awesome the movie is and everyone else will see it. See? Nothing to worry about. I think Wonder Woman will make oodles and oodles of cash. And, I think it will be good, too!
Either way, you can bet I’ll be in the audience on opening night wearing my Wonder Woman gear, drinking my Wonder Woman Dr. Pepper… and awestruck to finally be seeing my beloved Wonder Woman get her due on the big screen!

June 2, my fellow Amazons. It’s right around the corner.

Be back here next week for another installment of Wonder Woman Wednesday, and be sure to check out the “I Am Wonder Fan” page on Facebook.


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